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Priyanka Chopra website launch

Priyanka Chopra launched the website of her first Yashraj Film, Pyaar Impossible.

The film is basically a love story between a geek and a beauty. Directed by Jugal Hansraj, Pyaar Impossible will release later this year. Priyanka’s co-star is Uday Chopra, who is also credited as the writer of the film.

Talking of the film and geeks, Priyanka reveals a few secrets “I was a major geek when I was in the 8th standard in America. I could not speak to anyone. If I have to go from one class to another, I would hide and go. I would pretend that I’m invisible.”

On working with Yashraj Films for the very first time, Priyanka continues “We have met for many films but whenever they have offered me a film, either I did not like or they did not like the script. So it has never worked out somehow. I am glad it happened with Pyaar Impossible. It’s a very sweet believable film.”

The official site of Pyaar Impossible >

Check out the pics of Priyanka Chopra from the event.


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