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Priyanka Chopra takes on DDB TV!

We’re sure you’ve seen all the pictures, and have heard by now (if not then where were you?) that desi-girl Priyanka Chopra has signed onto yet another brand (as if she doesn’t have enough already – with Lux, Ponds, Sunsilk, Nokia, Hero Honda, Tag Heuer, J. Hampstead, Bru, Nikon, Samsung, Garnier, Levis and Asmi Jewellery all adding PC’s name to their brands!), which is the technology giant, DDB TV (Digital Direct Broadcast).

Priyanka has earned the brand ambassador title, as she herself is an avid techie, and states at the launch of the new cutting edge technology, “I consider myself as a geek’s fantasy, so when DDB team approached me, it was impossible for me not to be associated, as it’s very fascinating to be a part of progressive evolution of technology. The technology will bring television at par to compete against the innumerable smartphones and tablets in the market. The DDB platform will empower owners of TVs to perform multiple functions never experienced before on one single platform.”

The technology is said to be the leading innovation in television technology, and a spokesperson from the brand declares, “Technology has been evolving continuously to give us devices that have become an integral part of our day to day lives. The DDB technology platform is touted to be a game changer in this Industry similar to what Android has done to the Smartphone devices. We realized that with each passing day, the world is becoming more and more digitized thereby creating the need for Digital ready gadgets.”

So there you have it – Indian celebrities teaming up with technological giants. We say anything is possible!


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