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Priyanka Chopra relives her journey to stardom

Priyanka Chopra is the new brand ambassador of Asmi Jewelry and just a few days back she shot for an Ad wherein she will be seen playing her self (Model-Actress) in this new commercial.

It seems the Ad will be a show reel of her real life and in this Ad Priyanka will be seen delivering a power house performance on the sets in front of the camera and she will also be heard delivering a dialogue ‘I believe everyday is a test where I must prove myself’ & the Ad will also see Priyanka winning Miss World Title and receiving Film Award’s.

The Ad will also see Priyanka delivering a dialogue “I believe that destiny and hard work go hand in hand” and then she will be seen walking up in a slow motion, completely de-glam look, the girl next door look and then she delivers a dialogue I believe that it doesn’t matter where you come from and finally one will see Priyanka walking up to a mirror and checking out her diamond necklace and her earrings and she turns to camera and flashes her trademark smile and says “I believe in myself and… I believe in Asmi”.

Priyanka has been styled by Gavin Mingul and the Ad has been directed by Marlon Rodrigues.


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