Priyanka Chopra promotes ‘In My City’ by turning DJ

Priyanka Chopra has tried her hand at DJing to promote her debut release ‘In My City’.

The Bollywood star has made personal appearances at a number of clubs in India to publicise her first single.

Speaking about the lyrics of the electro-pop track, Chopra said: “This song is not about any one city in particular, since my upbringing has been across the country in cities such as Lucknow, Delhi, Mumbai and Ladakh.”

Fans of the star were able to see her DJing skills at venues including Hard Rock Cafe in Delhi and Seven Degrees in Gurgaon.

A spokesperson for Chopra’s record label revealed to Digital Spy that the RedOne-produced track will be out in the UK before the end of the year.

The song, which entered the US iTunes chart at 86, also features a guest appearance from Black Eyed Peas rapper