Priyanka Chopra: I am really shy

Newest international singer Priyanka Chopra may be happy with all the praise she has gotten with her new single ‘In My City’ but, she still is quite shy.

When Priyanka was offered to sing she backed out due to her shyness. “I used to try singing on the mic at Salim Suleman or Vishal Shekhar’s insistence but then I used to feel shy and back out saying ‘I can’t do this’”. A song was even recorded for Bluffmaster in which she sang, but it was not released.

With her single released and album launched, the actress expresses how working with Will.I.Am was an honour. “Will.I.Am is an extremely talented musician and artist. There are other international collaborations in this album too, you’ll get to know about it as I keep unraveling my songs in the album.” Even with all the collaborations, the actress says her album is very Indian.

Priyanka didn’t just click in singing straight away, she trained in Western classical when she was studying in the States for 4-5 years and hired a vocal coach who accompanied her everywhere.

After listening to how good ‘In My City’ is and with all the positive feedback Priyanka has received, it probably won’t be long until she starts to sing and join many famous Bollywood singers in the industry.