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AIR DATE: 05/15/17

It’s Alex and the team’s last stand against the Collaborators at the Constitutional Convention, where a new amendment to the Constitution threatens every American’s freedom.

PRE-FINALE: Showrunner Joshua Safran wants you to think of the rest of the spy drama’s season “kind of like a four-parter,” he says, starting with the pre-sweeps episode “MHORDER” (airing April 24). You’ll recall that the final moments of Episode 18 found the joint CIA-FBI task force in possession of all of the names of the collaborators (aka the bad guys).” In [Episode] 19, the team and the collaborators meet face-to-face. Once that happens, it sends us hurtling in a new direction.” He adds that Episode 20, which was directed by former Quantico writer Cherien Dabis, “pokes at a wound that is very fresh, and it is very emotional,” and that the hour has made everyone who has seen it cry. “It’s very complicated, because everybody on that episode has their own story,” Safran says. “For a bit it’s like you’re walking down different paths in the woods and you’ve lost your friends, then you all come together at the end.” But don’t get too comfortable there, Alex & Co.: There’s a time jump of “several months” between Episode 21 and the finale.

Safran says he shot the final episode two ways, just in case the ratings-challenged series doesn’t come back for a third season. As it stands, the hour ends in a cliffhanger. “If for some reason I hear that we’re not coming back before [it] airs, I will just literally cut that scene off the episode, so it will be like it never existed,” he tells TVLine.


We know Maxine isn’t evil but is there anything else you can tease about her involvement in Quantico‘s final episodes? — Harold
Showrunner Josh Safran promises Clay’s fiancé will be back for at least one more episode before the season finale to help the story come to a head in “an adult, mature way.” “All of the writers love Maxine,” he says. “If there was a third season of Quantico, she could fold into [the story] very easily.” After all, Maxine loved working undercover with Clay during their engagement party — even if they don’t work out, someone should recruit her to the Farm.


Hello everyone. I’m starting Priyanka’s birthday project early this year because 1) I need the time to put it together and 2) there will be two parts to this project so again need the time to do it. Keep reading and find out how you can be involved in this year’s birthday project.

For this part, we’ll be making a Thank you Priyanka booklet. We all have, for one reason or another, something to thank Priyanka for. Some of us have had the opportunity to meet and talk to her and others haven’t. This is your chance to thank Priyanka for whatever it is that she’s brought to your life. She may have inspired you and the work you do, she may have helped you overcome hardships in your life, or maybe it’s just simply thanking her for all the friends you’ve made because of her. Whatever it may be now is your chance to tell her! Please don’t include any personal information such as home address, phone number etc. This is a gift for Priyanka, we’re not asking for anything in return but to simply say thank you. Do feel free to include your twitter handle! If you want to include a picture of yourself that is okay too! Wouldn’t you want Priyanka to put a face to a letter?

There are a few ways to submit your letter.
• You can type out your letter in the form below or send an email to
• You can handwrite your letter and take a clear picture of it (please make sure your handwriting is visible and readable and picture is clear!) and upload it in the form below or send me an email with your handwritten letter.
• Messages can be as long or as short as you want them to be.
• The deadline for ALL submissions is June 4. I will not accept submissions are this date. That is more than enough time to send your letters/pictures.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to send me an email!

I will reply to all emails so if you don’t get a response within 48 hours send me another email!

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