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It is often heard how directors are usually left helpless and frustrated because of the cat-fights between their film’s heroines, but Sanjay Leela Bhansali has a different story to tell.

In an interview to a leading daily, Bhansali expounded on how his movie’s Kashibai and Mastani gelled with each other like long lost friends, and how their BFF bonding made him sulk! “I was expecting their chairs to be back-to-back, making catty remarks about each other. I wanted some drama to unfold. Instead, they were like giggly schoolgirls,” he said. ” I wanted them to be competitive in the song Pinga. I know both of them are competitive in their minds. I told them…it’s not that you both are really all plain Jane and simple, so show me that. But they didn’t budge. Sigh! So, I said… go ahead and gossip about your shopping,” said the director.

Bajirao Mastani that is all set to release tomorrow starrs Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra in the lead.


For anyone who has been following Priyanka Chopra’s career graph, it has been a year of triumph for the 33-year-old actor.

Thirteen years in the film industry with nearly 60 films to her credit, Chopra has emerged as one of the most buzzing entertainers in India and, now, in the United States of America. Thanks to her top-lining act the television drama Quantico, Chopra is now a recognisable face in America, toasted as much for her acting abilities as for her sensuality. It’s quite a feat, especially when you consider how Asian actors in the West are usually cast as ethnic stereotypes or anointed regional brand ambassadors for luxury brands, fit only to walk the red carpet at film and fashion events.

The well-received series is the fruit of a few years of persistent efforts on the part of the actress to get a Louboutin hold in the American entertainment industry. An endorsement of the Guess jeans brand earned Chopra some eyeballs thanks to a glamourous shoot by singer and photographer Bryan Adams, while her musical adventures with Pittbull and did not help her break any new ground. However, her trendy American accent and the “ethnically ambiguous” character of Alex Parrish in Quantico more than compensated for her average vocal talents and “exotic” appeal.

In an email chat with, Chopra, who has been wrapping up the season finale for Quantico while simultaneously promoting the December 18 release of the period movie Bajirao Mastani, insists that there have been not one but several turning points in her life. “Every few months or years,” she said. “Being successful isn’t a destination but a journey. Of course there are some failures but I personally think you have consistent turnarounds.”

The last few months have been extraordinary for Chopra, whose filmography has had its peculiar lows and highs. On one hand, she has done a surprising number of cameos in films and on the other, she has taken up challenges such as playing a serial killer in 7 Khoon Maaf (2011) and an autistic woman in Barfi! (2012).

As recently as three years ago, Chopra was in the eye of a storm for her link-up with Shah Rukh Khan. Her publicity machinery struggled to ebb the flow of damaging reports about the alleged affair (denied by both stars) and fallouts with some of the most influential filmmakers and lobbyists in the film industry. Coupled with her father’s demise due to cancer, Chopra was certainly not in a happy place.

But the actress, who has rarely let down her fiercest critics even in dismal movies, exhibited serious grit and resilience and turned the tabloid wheels in her favour. Beginning with a new public relations team (Raindrop Media) that stepped in for crisis management as well as an image makeover, Chopra played the legendary pugilist Mary Kom in the movie of the same name in 2014. Chopra’s performance punched a big hole into the theory that her career was over.

Not to be underestimated

How much of Chopra’s resilience because of canny planning and how much is just pure instinct? “Upwards and onwards… that’s what I always say,” Chopra said. “I am passionate about what I do and I’ll never give that up without a fight. Life is full of ups and downs and I learnt early in life to pick myself up after a fall and march right on. It’s pure instinct. I don’t know any other way.”

Indeed, from being a social pariah, she was back in the thick of things, partying, working and clicking pictures with the very people who had allegedly cast her out. In 2012, Chopra was a brief but striking presence in Agneepath (2012) and put in an endearing performance in Barfi! Despite losing out the tailor-made lead role in Happy New Year (2014) to Deepika Padukone, she was back in the arena as Mary Kom and was in top form in Dil Dhadakne Do (2015).

According to those who have worked with the star in various capacities, Chopra stands apart from her peers by her hunger to stay on top of her game. “The size of the fight in her slim frame is bigger than the biggest stars,” says a former work associate who did not wish to be named. “And that can be a double-edged sword in this industry where women, no matter how much they get paid, and how good they are at their work, are expected to kowtow to the male stars.”

The “roller coaster experience” of Quantico has come at the right time for Chopra, who now has to deal with the likes of a seemingly invincible Padukone and a resurgent Kangna Ranaut back home. A great deal of the credit for her global breakthrough goes to angel investor Anjula Acharia Bath, who had been looking for an Asian star to make significant inroads into the American entertainment industry.

“Anjula has been a very important part of my journey internationally,” Chopra said. “She was the initiator of my foray into music internationally and her role has grown since then has evolved into my international manager, leading the charge on all my projects internationally.” Chopra fondly calls Bath “Anj” and said, “She understands completely what I want to achieve for myself.”

That, as anyone who has been part of Chopra’s travelling office, will tell you, is the key – to be in sync with what the actor wants for herself. And often, it is much bigger than a headline or a photo op.

A Bollywood star in Hollywood

At the moment, Chopra is straddling the worlds of Hindi cinema and American television rather well (she heaps praises on her team in the US and India that work seamlessly together). This means shuttling between continents, time zones and world views and remaining a formidable presence in India even though she is physically in the US.

Chopra’s story is different from that of Frieda Pinto, the other Indian actor to have recently built a career for herself in Hollywood. Pinto works mainly in international productions, while Chopra has debunked the theory that a bonafide Bollywood star cannot fit into American show business. Casting directors and agencies working on big-ticket American productions insist that producers look for actors who fit the script, rather than stars who come with baggage. Even Anil Kapoor has played mostly himself in both his Hollywood outings, Slumdog Millionaire and Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol.

Chopra, who faced racial bullying as a teenager during the years she spent in the US in the 1980s, says she did not have to change any bit of herself in order to fit in. “I am what I am and I have never seen the need to change myself to suit anyone,” she said. “I’m fortunate enough to have worked with people whether in music and now in TV in the US who respected who I was and what I’ve achieved and have treated me in that manner. As for fitting in… I am a professional first and foremost… I take what I do very seriously.”

The perks of being an Indian celebrity are not valid on the studio floor, she added. “No matter where I’m working, I leave all the bells and whistles that come with being a celebrity outside the door,” she said. “When I’m on set, on stage or in a recording studio… work is worship… nothing else matters. Wherever I walk the bells and whistles follow. It’s just how it’s always been.”

For the first few weeks after Quantico first aired, all people would talk about were her plump lips. “What can I say…. I’m a little amused and flattered!” Chopra said. “I seem to be competing with my own lips and hair for attention in the US!”

The actress, who has homes in Mumbai and Los Angeles and works sometimes up to 16 hours a day, confesses to being lax about her health. “In my case it’s always been a case of ‘cure instead of prevention’, which basically means that I work till I drop,” she said. “I’ve always been like that… I take my health for granted unfortunately and most often than not I work myself to the point of exhaustion. For me, sleep is my biggest ally and cure for ailments… a few hours of good sleep and I’m raring to go. At some point…hopefully soon, I hope to change this and start taking care of myself.”

In India, Chopra has not announced any new movie after Bajirao Mastani, in which she co-stars with Ranveer Singh and Padukone. But there are some big announcements in the offing, both in terms of films and endorsements. For the time being, it is all about jet-setting between commitments and continents. “I go where my work takes me,” Chopra said to the tinkling of bells and whistles.


While shooting for Bajirao Mastani, Priyanka Chopra did something really special for her co-star Deepika Padukone. When she ordered some dance gear from the US for herself, she ordered another one for Deepika too. Sharing a good rapport with co-stars is not new to Priyanka, who has always said good things about working with Anushka Sharma in Dil Dhadakne Do (2015) and Kangana Ranaut in Fashion (2008). So how is she able to maintain friendships with her contemporaries? Says the Quantico star, “I have always competed with myself; I always think of doing better than I did in my previous film. I have set my own standards for myself to beat.

And so I can be friends with most of my colleagues I work with. If my career was not going well, maybe then I would have felt insecure or competitive.” Secure about her own indisputable talent, Priyanka insists, “No one can stop talent.”


The actor talks about Bajirao Mastani, his aim of becoming a complete entertainer, and his love for his mustache
Ranveer Singh as Bajirao and Deepika Padukone as Mastani…we can’t wait till Friday for Bajirao Mastani to release. And Ranveer is in awe of his two leading ladies, Deepika and Priyanka Chopra, who plays Kashibai, Bajirao wife.
“What I want to learn from them is how to multitask,” he says, adding, “They are both doing various projects, Priyanka is into singing, her Hollywood serial and then she comes back and shoots for Bajirao Mastani. It’s the same with Deepika. They are busy shooting and then they are doing their endorsements and they come back and become their characters Kashibai and Mastani. I can’t do that. I am into the character completely and take time to come out of it. I wish I could multitask like Priyanka and Deepika.”


Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone’s Bajirao Mastani is all set to hit the screens on this Friday (18th December). Sanjay Leela Bhansali recently arranged a special trial of the movie for his close friends and the cast of the movie and they have revealed that the movie will surely be a blockbuster. Read the inside details. A source who watched the movie, told Bollywood Life that Bajirao Mastani is Sanajy Leela Bhansali’s best work till date. Right from the direction to costumes to sets everything is spectacular.
– The most remarkable scenes in Bajirao Mastani are Bajirao’s coronation, where he sits on the throne for the first time and the battle scene, which is shot on a very grand scale.

-The most beautiful and melodious song in the movie is Albela Sajan.

-This is Priyanka Chopra’s one of the best performances. She plays a very strong and important role in the movie. The scenes in which she is speaking in Marathi will surely make you fall in love with her.

-You will forget Ram Leela after watching Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone’s chemistry in Bajirao Mastani. They have beautifully portrayed the true love of Bajirao and Mastani on-screen.

-The visuals and CGI work is worth praising in Bajirao Mastani.

-Anju Modi has done a great job in designing the outfits of Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra. According to reports, everyone hugged Ranveer Singh, when Bajirao Mastani‘s screening was over. The actor was in tears after hearing the positive feedback from his friends.

So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets right now!


Priyanka Chopra has been literally living out of the suitcase. The exotic babe has been juggling between the shoot and promotions of Quantico and Bajirao Mastani apart from the shoot of Jai Gangaajaal. As the pretty lady flew down to the country just for few hours, we caught hold of her for a quick chat on Bajirao Mastani, Quantico, her LA boyfriend, Don 3 and more! Read on…

You had just one song in Ram Leela and you wanted to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali. How was it working with him?
Then I did Mary Kom with him. He might not have directed the film but he was very involved with the movie. Literally, every single day I was in his office. This is when he came to me with Bajirao Mastani, before it was even cast. That time they were still figuring out who Bajirao and Mastani are going to be. I remember, my picture would be there and others would keep changing because for 4-5 months this kept on happening. It was really funny so I used to keep on asking him ‘take out Kashi, suppose I was also an option and I wasn’t doing the film so who would have been the option, I want to know’. But I never got an answer to that. I’m a huge Sanjay Leela Bhansali fan, always. I did the song in Ram-Leela because of that, Mary Kom I did because I’m selfish, but even this film (Bajirao Mastani), I blindly went into it. He asked me first when I was shooting Mary Kom in Manali, he and Prakash bhai (Prakash Kapadi, writer) came to narrate the film to me and I was just greedy to work with him. I think his vision is something that if you do a Sanjay Leela Bhansali character right, it will go down in your legacy. If you don’t do it well, it will be very bad.

You’re playing a Marathi Mulgi for the third time…
This is very different because it’s a 500 year old dialect and 500 year old character. Nobody has seen her picture, you don’t know who, how and what she was. People talk about Bajirao-Mastani’s love story. For me the biggest reason for playing Kashi was to play a character history has never spoken about. I’ve never played such a soft and vulnerable character. See Gangajaal, Quantico, I play very tough characters. When I do a Jhilmil (Barfi!) or when I do a Kashi, it’s very hard for me to play a girl who can’t protect herself because I’m a modern girl of today, I can beat up people, but that’s the challenge for me to convince you to watch and your heart hearts for her. She is a wonderful sweet character.

Deepika Padukone and you are great friends and in the film you two have a conflict, how difficult was that?
I think it was more difficult for Sanjay sir because he used to get very irritated that we used to walk in together. We’ve always got along somehow. Actors are so busy that you don’t end up becoming best friend. I get along with most of my female co-actors. I don’t think I have issues with any of them because I’m supremely content in my career. My career is never dependent on other people. I’ve always tried to outdo my own work which is a bigger issue. Maybe if my career wasn’t doing well, then I would have been insecure. I’ve consistently had an extremely warm welcome from people who watch my work. So it’s been easy for me to be friends with most people. Deepika and I get along really well, we have fun together whenever we meet so Sanjay sir used to hate it. We had only one song and two scenes together because they (Kashi and Mastani) never really come together. Even through history, I don’t think they ever really came together, but yet their stories were intertwined.

You’re a self made woman and it must have been tough for you.
Life is only difficult. I think it’s only tough when you say it’s tough and you make it tough. Grace under fire is the true strength of a woman. So no, it wasn’t tough.

Ranveer Singh told at the event…
(interrupts) That I cried and wanted to quit the film. Rubbish, he talks anything.

How was it shooting ‘Pinga’ with Deepika?
It was such a difficult song that was difficult, not together. In fact that was easier. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to do this song with because we encouraged each other, we rehearsed together; we took care of each other. Our legs were bruised because sir (Sanjay) does long shots like you do an entire antra an entire mukhda together.

What was the best compliment you’ve got for Quatico till now?
It was actually really funny, ‘She’s Indian?’ that was the best compliment. Not Indians obviously, people who didn’t know. The fact that people questioned if I was Indian was the greatest compliment. People don’t expect Indian people to look and do such roles. We’re always the computer geek or the doctor. I’ve still made Alex first in class, teacher’s pet- it is in our blood to come first.

Have Alex Parrish’s (Priyanka’s Quantico character) colleagues seen the promos and ‘Pinga’?
Of course, they’ve seen the promos and the songs and they think that Hindi films are this. Then I’ve to explain that this is a period film. This is like our Game Of Thrones, that’s how I explain it. They ask, ‘people don’t dress like this?’ and go like ‘nooo’.

There were reports that the way Marathi folk culture is portrayed in ‘Pinga’ is incorrect.
Pinga’ is a folk dance and not lavani. Actually one maushi came and taught the ‘Pinga’ step to us. It was Sanjay sir’s maushi and she is the inspiration behind the step. According to me it is very authentic.

But people are saying that the females of the royal family don’t dance like this.
Whatever you see in this or any other film, it is dramatised. You see Mary Kom and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, those things don’t really happen. You make biopics and there is a dramatization that happened. Bajirao Mastani is based on the book ‘Rau’ and Prakash bhai said it very clearly. Go and ask that author why they didn’t do their homework. Eventually it’s a Hindi film, a Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie, go watch it for that. Nobody is out there to insult anyone. This is a love story that was forbidden and this is being told. I think this is amazing.

Do you see yourself as a triple threat in Bollywood?
No, I’m a triple threat anywhere. I’m just a triple threat period. It has nothing to do with Hollywood or Bollywood. Take me to Australia, Canada everywhere I’ll be a threat.

As an artist you’ve always stood by the fact that creativity has its own space. How do you see the entire intolerance issue as an artist?
First of all I don’t think intolerance is about me as an artist or you as a journalist or anybody else but I think as a world. Look at what is happening all around. Look at the wars happening around. I am going to name Paris, Syria, Lebanon, Mumbai and everything. Just for one second sit down and look around the world we are living in, isn’t everything intolerant? Are we not the globe? Are we not saying that this person is wrong because his religion is wrong, or this person is wrong because he is going to a concert? What is happening? It’s not a country or a particular type of people. We as a people as human beings just have to sit down and think for one second. So don’t go out on social media and use your anonymity and blast out at people because you can. Sit down in your homes and think about your opinion. Our forefathers fought for democracy in the country, they fought years and years of British Raj so that we could have a democracy, we could have freedom of speech, language and opinion and so did so many other countries. Even in America right now in an interview somebody said that, women of color are doing really well, with coming in. I said, I don’t want to be called a woman of color, I am a woman. If you want to divide me, say man and woman,we look different what is brown, black, blue, yellow… what is wrong with us? I’m not a woman of colour and I don’t want to be seen as that. I am not even going to comment on one particular thing right now because, to me, I am travelling the world right now and I am seeing it everywhere and not just in India.

How different was it working in a foreign setup?
The difference for me was television and feature. Like in films, we do one scenes for two days, it is relaxed. My friends didn’t tell me that in television, we’ve to do ten scenes in a day. Who does that? I have so many television producer friends and I fired them all saying, ‘couldn’t you all tell me about that television is like this?’ I’ve never done TV, so that was the only big difference for me. Otherwise it’s only the language, they speak only English, actually French now because we’re soothing in Montreal, and we speak in Hindi. I think Indian cinema is so caught up to the world; the way we make films, run our sets, I don’t see much of a difference. I’m such a professional and I can deal with everything that is thrown at me because I’ve got the best training ground in the most prolific film industry in the world.

You’ve done a sports film like Mary Kom
I will never do a sports film again. I salute sports people. They sacrifice a lot. I am an actress and I don’t have that much courage. After doing that film, I’ve new found respect for sports people.

After Mary Kom and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, a lot of sports films are being made like Brother, Sultan, Dangal. What do you have to say about this trend?
I think you all only look for trends. Try to look for out of the box na. Now it is the trend of biopics, item numbers, intolerance and all. Leave all that. Look outside, what the news is, what are people doing. Trends are boring, don’t follow them.

Now that you’ve started working abroad also, what opinions have they formed about India look at you?
That you will have to ask him but I hope I’m a good representation. As you all know, I’m very opinionated. I do not stay quiet and say whatever I have to. Most people get shocked that I’m Indian. Most people get very shocked by the way I speak English. I think it’s about educating people. Everyone says that the world is so ignorant about anywhere else in the world. That’s because they’ve not been educated. I am someone who likes to think about peace rather than negative things; I’m a glass is half full kind of a person. If somebody said that there are snake charmers in your country, I will educate them saying that they are there but we use it for entertainment. People ask me those questions that ‘India is known for its rapes’. I get asked that in every interview. It’s so difficult to defend it.

What is the most bizarre question you’ve been asked there?
‘India is known for its rape’- that is the most bizarre question. Can you imagine, standing there and defending that. It is very difficult, but it is about educating the world. It is about educating the fact that the light has come upon this and yes, it is an awful thing, but it is happening to women around the world and why are we not talking about that? Just because three people have come and talked about my country, come and attack it. I will give you five other countries but it is not about that. Why are we making the fight about where rapes are more and where rapes are less, we should fight about the fact that there are rapes. Let’s get our perspectives right a little bit.

There were rumours about you dating a guy from US.
I think it’s very entertaining and I’ve been waiting for someone to ask me this. You all have become too boring, at least somebody should link me with someone. Great, LA he is supposed to be from na? Last four months, I’ve not left Montreal. And it was also reported that he is some media shy guy. I will never meet such a person who is media shy. Please know that if I’m ever with someone, I’ll be with a showman- my dad was one and I think, whoever I’ll be with.

Do we get to see you in Quantico Season 2?
I hope so. For now, we are one of the most successful shows. Everyone is saying that it looks like we’ll get a season 2. If we do, it’ll be great.

Will your choice of films depend on Quantico Season 2?
I am under contract with this show, so not my choice, but how many I’ll get to do, yes.

Have you got Hollywood offers?
Yes I have but nothing up to my standards.

Have you been approached for Don 3?
Don 3 is not being made guys, not yet. The consideration for Don 3 has happened every year, all the time by you people only and by the fans who want to see the film but it’s not happening right now and I’m sure when it does, they’ll make an announcement. Trust me, it’s not. Can I once and for all say this.


Priyanka Chopra too spoke against pay disparity and the actress is doing well internationally by becoming the first Bollywood actress to have her own TV show in the US with ‘Quantico’ where she plays an FBI recruit.

‘Dil Dhadakne Do’ and ‘Bajirao Mastani’ are Priyanka’s only two releases this year. She next has Prakash Jha’s ‘Jai Gangaajal’ and Reema Kagti’s ‘Mr Chaalu’.


Priyanka Chopra is into her third role as a Marathi girl. We tell her that after “Kaminey” and “Agneepath” got her accolades, she now plays Kashibai, Bajirao’s wife in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Bajirao Mastani.” She laughs and says, “But this is a totally different character. She is 500 years old and so is her dialect. It was the most difficult of the three!”

“It’s a great privilege to work with Sanjay-sir,” she says. “This is my third film with him — I did the cameo in ‘Goliyon Ki RasLeela Ram-Leela,’ because he approached me, and ‘Mary Kom’ because I am selfish!” A tinkling laugh follows as she adds, “Yes, he was only the producer for ‘Mary Kom,’ but Sanjay-sir was very involved with the film and would be present every single day at the office.”

Chopra giggles as she reminisces that she was the first to be signed for “Bajirao Mastani.” “Bajirao and Mastani kept changing!” she recalls. “I asked Sanjay-sir, what if there was an option for me? Would I be changed? But I never got an answer!”

The main driving force for Chopra here was the character she played. “It’s like this — if you play a Sanjay Bhansali character right, it will go down in your legacy. But you have to play it right, and for that you have to trust him blindly. When he and Prakash-bhai (the writer Prakash Kapadia) came to narrate the story to me, I was struck by the fact that Kashibai has never been mentioned in the legendary forbidden story of Bajirao and Mastani despite being Bajirao’s wife. Nobody knows what she looked like, and no one knows what happened to her or what she went through.”

She adds, “That struck an instant chord with me. Ussko kaisa lagaa hoga yaar (How must Kashibai have felt?) That was the biggest reason I wanted to be Kashibai, who is a character history has never spoken about. She was so soft and vulnerable, which is the kind of character I have never played. I am always this tough fighter in ‘Mary Kom’ or ‘Quantico’ or ‘Jai GangaaJal!’ So when a tough, modern girl like me gets into the Jhilmil (her character in ‘Barfi!’)-Kashi terrain, it’s that much more interesting. And I have to convince the audience that she is so wonderfully sweet and that her heart is hurting so that they feel for her!”

She recalls how “Sanjay-sir” would be very irritated when Deepika Padukone and she would walk hand-in-hand, as they are supposed to dislike each other onscreen! “Actually, we only have two scenes and the song ‘Pinga’ onscreen! Look, Deepika and I get along famously, and we helped each other and took care of each other during the song. It was a very difficult song — the scenes were a cakewalk in comparison. I would rather have had her in the song than anyone else. Sanjay-sir is very fond of long shots, and shooting an entire antara and mukhda at one go! Our soles were peeling off by the time the song was over.”

Stating that she has gotten along with most female co-actors so far, she explains, “Time forbids us from socializing or meeting up for dinners or calling each other up every few days, but I am friends with them all. And that is because I am supremely confident about myself. My career is not dependent on anyone else. I am not insecure, and the only pressure I face is how to outdo my own work — that’s the bigger issue for me. And so I get a warm welcome from everyone who watches my work.”

Chopra makes light of the “Pinga” dance as a massive dramatic license of queen Kashibai dancing with Mastani. “Come on, in a biopic, be it ‘Mary Kom,’ ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ or any other, we do have to dramatize a few things that never happened. Come on, yaar, this is a Sanjay Bhansali movie, a forbidden love story, which is based on a book on the two lovers, and we must enjoy it at that level.”


6. Priyanka Chopra: Priyanka chose a different route this year, making her television debut with American series Quantico. As the lead character, FBI trainee agent Alex Parrish, Priyanka is the first Indian to topline an American show. She hasn’t entirely forsaken Bollywood however – Priyanka also starred in the summer hit Dil Dhadakne Do and plays the Peshwa’s first wife Kashibai in Bajirao Mastani.


Bajirao Mastani is the Indian Historical Romance movie releasing in Telugu and Tamil simultaneously, starred with Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, It is directed and produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, It is touted to release on 18th December 2015 which will be a big day for fans of Bajirao Mastani.

5 Reasons to watch Baji Rao Mastani Movie without missing
Bajirao Mastani became trending in Social Websites, check best reasons to watch Bajirao Mastani movie are shared here.

1.Ranveer Singh: Ranveer suits for Bajirao character, earlier Ranveer proved his acting, this talented actor on-screen character looks very realistic. So get ready to join Ranveer who will appears as Maratha Peshwa Warrior.

2. Deepika Padukone: The film brings together yet again the off-screen sizzling couple, Deepika and Ranvir Singh. The duo has earlier worked with Sanjay earlier in 2013 for Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela. The film also grabbed huge attention from the film crowd and has gone on to receive mixed to positive reviews from the critics.

3. Priyanka Chopra: Earlier Priyanka appeared as a girlfriend for Ranveer in Gunday movie, Sister in Dil Dhadakne Do and, this time, she will be playing the wife role for Bajirao.

4. Sanjay Leela Bhansali: Ace Director Sanjay Lela Bhansali delivered awesome script, Earlier he went to Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan for the lead roles, Now it is fixed with Ranveer, Deepika and Priyanka.

5. Story Plot: Mastani embodies today’s woman. Someone who multi-tasked, someone who excelled in everything she did… she is not just an amazing woman; a remarkable warrior, wonderful lover, a mother and a daughter. There are so many shades in this character. She is som much in love with Bajirao that she sacrificed many things.