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For all the Alex and Ryan shippers out there, this is for you. spoke EXCLUSIVELY to Priyanka Chopra, 33, all about Quantico, and she thinks Alex and Ryan are a perfect match. Plus, you won’t believe what she said about the Dec. 13 winter finale!

“There is something epic about them,” Priyanka said about Alex and Ryan. “I think they are going to be those star-crossed lovers. There is something really good about them. I think they’re good for each other, and they look good together, too.”

Cue the massive screaming! The chemistry between Alex and Ryan is INSANE! There is clearly something big between them, but so many things (ahem, secrets) keep getting in their way. But as all star-crossed lovers do, they always seem to find their way back to each other.

Quantico has been building up to one epic midseason finale, and Priyanka admitted that major questions will be answered, including who planted the bomb at Grand Central.

“We’ve been saying for a few episodes now leading up to the finale that someone from Alex’s class is going to be revealed as the terrorist,” Priyanka told us. “Now the question is: Did they work alone? Was there someone else in our class who worked with them? Were they lying? How deep is this? Because it’s a huge terrorist act and Alex has been saying for the past few episodes that there was a second bomb. No one is believing her and that also is sort of answered. It’s a really great winter finale. It has all the fun stuff of the holidays but at the same time, a lot of questions are answered.”

Well, the midseason finale leads to the second half of the season, which will air in 2016. I’ll just leave you with what Priyanka told me: “The second half of the season — we just started shooting — is going blow your mind.”

HollywoodLifers, do you think Alex and Ryan belong together? Who do you think the terrorist is on Quantico? Let us know!


The freshman season of ABC’s Quantico has been so rife with twists, flash-forwards and reveals, that it can sometimes be hard to see where the story is going next. Between that massive terrorist explosion, which has kept the story on its toes since Day 1, and last week’s episode, in which it became apparent how far Alex (Priyanka Chopra) is willing to go in order to clear her name, the stakes have never been higher.

One thing is for sure though: Heading into Sunday’s midseason finale, “Inside,” the real terrorist will finally be revealed after 11 episodes of crazy speculation. Given that Alex has been the scapegoat all season long, THR turned to leading lady Chopra to get her take on who she believes the terrorist could be.

“I didn’t know at all, I found out much later than everybody else actually because I wanted it that way. We all had our guesses — mine was wrong,” she says. “The audience finds out through Alex’s eyes and I wanted to discover it as Alex finds out.”

Here, Chopra breaks down her list of suspects.

Ryan Booth (Jake McLaughlin)

“I don’t think Alex would have fallen in love with a guy who didn’t have integrity and wasn’t honest. But he is a special agent who has gone undercover in the past. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and always has an edge. Plus he has military training and he’s done he’s been deployed a bunch of times, which gives you knowledge of procedure and it helps you manipulate the system.”

Shelby Wyatt (Johanna Braddy)

“Shelby has been in Alex’s corner; she was apprehensive before but she stood by her and put her job and life on the line to help Alex prove her innocence. Then again she’s an incredible sniper and has had secret ties, lots of money. Things that make people shady.”

Simon Asher (Tate Ellington)

“Simon and Alex have a brother-sister like relationship, they always have each other’s backs. At the same time there’s just there’s something so secretive and shady about Simon. He doesn’t talk about everything and she doesn’t know everything.”

Caleb Haas (Graham Rogers)

“Shelby once said, ‘I would be petrified to live in a world where Caleb Haas was a terrorist.’ I’ll go with that!”

Nimah Amin (Yasmine Al Massri)

“Nimah and Alex are really close, even though Nimah is competitive, ambitious and wants to be the best and wants to kick ass. At the same time she says what she feels, she’s like straight up honest and bad ass. That’s the difference between the twins. It’s something to think about.”

Raina Amin (Yasmine Al Massri)

“She’s softer and a little naive. She believes in the goodness of people but she’s also very conservative in her thoughts and beliefs.”

Natalie Vasquez (Anabelle Acosta)

“She’s Alex’s nemeses, so there’s a lot of drama in that relationship. But she’s also a cop. Natalie has so much going on that I don’t know if she has the head space to mastermind this kind of terrorist act. It takes someone with a lot more against the world. Which she could have, because the system keeps her away form her daughter or whatever.”

Elias Harper (Rick Cosnett)

“He has that famous Elias Harper charm. Then again he saved himself over his fellow classmates and colleagues during that bomb exercise.”

Brandon Fletcher (Jacob Artist)

“He’s someone who follows the rules but at the same time believes in the fact that if you’re in the FBI you sort of sell your life and soul to law enforcement. And if you’re not willing to risk your life then why are you even here? He’s someone who comes from that kind of a belief. But he’s very straightforward and will do whatever it takes to make sure the job is done … ”

Who do you think the terrorist is? Sound off in the comments below. Quantico‘s midsesaon finale airs Sunday at 10 p.m. on ABC. Stay tuned to THR‘s The Live Feed for full coverage, including an interview with showrunner Josh Safran and more.


Priyanka Chopra told NDTV in New York that Shiv Sena’s objections about historical inaccuracies in her latest film, the Sanjay Leela Bhansali directed Bajirao Mastani, are ill timed. “We live in a democracy and this is a film,” the actor said, noting, “there is difference between inspired from history and based on history.”

Priyanka went on to say that the film is based on a book (Rau), questioning: “The book came out years ago, why weren’t objections raised then? Just because this is a film with a big budget and a big cast? If someone’s sentiments are getting hurt, then they should have been hurt with the book too?”

She also told NDTV that many history books have been written about Bajiao but not about his personal life. “What happened when he ate dinner? At home? He lived a life too…”, Priyanka said. Adding, she thinks the filmmaker has a right to show the “director’s vision” of that, and “the things that history books don’t tell you about.”

When asked about her thoughts on intolerance, reflected in Aamir Khan’s recent remarks in India and the repercussions of Donald Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ statements in America, the actor who is exposed to both worlds in her professional career, said, “Intolerance is a global problem. We are making it belong to each country, pointing fingers at public figures. Look at Paris, Lebanon, Mumbai, its a problem all over the world.” She also explained, “Its people saying I don’t like you because you have a different religion, you are not right because you are going to a concert, what’s happened to humanity?”. She said that it is disturbing to “divide each other on religion, beliefs and culture” and “we need to change our perspectives.”

Priyanka Chopra’s leap into mainstream American television, scoring the lead in ABC’s hit series Quantico, has made her a path breaker, walking a road where no Indian actor has trodden. She told NDTV, that she has “always been someone who wanted to walk my path” and she is always happy with the result, “good, bad, ugly – as long as its mine.” Priyanka said she does not have role models “except my mom.”

“Fear”, was the hardest part of the transition from India to the West, the 33-year-old actress told NDTV, “I read 26 scripts, questioned myself: ‘Did I pick the right one? Would an Indian girl be accepted as American or lead of a mainstream US show?'” But in the end it all turned out better than she ever imagined. “The writing is amazing, ratings are through the roof, and there has been incredible response from everyone in US to India”, the star said, quipping,”at the airport security is always asking me – so, who is the terrorist?,” referring to the who-done-it mystery plot of Quantico and her lead Alex Parrish.

NDTV spoke with her at New York’s Loews Regency Hotel, where she was promoting her film, Bajirao Mastani, on a quick trip from Montreal, where she is currently shooting ABC’s hit series Quantico.


Priyanka Chopra has not forgotten to have fun in spite of her mad schedule and constant shuttling between Canada and India. Excerpts from a quick chat with PeeCee:

Q. You recently hosted a party at your Montreal home for your Quantico colleagues…
I can’t even begin to tell you how crazy it is. We are always running against time. We have shot 13 episodes in five months. That’s about nine days per episode. Now, episode 10 is being aired and we are shooting episode 12 — it is that close. So, yes, for the sake of a break, I got everyone on the sets to come home one night for a party. We got a DJ too.

Q. It must have been crazy playing diverse characters — Kashibai (in Bajirao Mastani) and Alex Parrish (in Quantico) — almost simultaneously.
It was absolute madness. I was a lost case. I felt like a schizophrenic. Thankfully, i could slip in and out because even here (Canada), the writers are amazing. And there, of course, we have Sanjay Leela Bhansali, a genius filmmaker. You know, I picked up this role because Kashibai’s character is so heartbreakingly lovely. It is nice to be part of retelling the history that people have forgotten. I am so different from what Kashibai was. So, it was kind of fun creating her… with zero make-up and light eyed lenses, because she was a Maharashtrian Brahmin and everything had to be kept natural. Sanjay sir would not even allow the use of electric curlers on my hair. It had to be curled through hand. He didn’t want to compromise on anything. We looked at old movies to get ideas. Besides, I had to wear that 11-yard saree; it was so difficult to carry it around that I begged him to make the trail smaller. And then he did make it slightly smaller. Kashibai is this naïve, child-woman character and it was nice playing her.

Q. You were also like Kashibai, a naïve, child-woman when you entered this industry.
(Laughs) That’s true. You had seen me then. I was really naïve for at least seven to eight years after I got in here. I am a little wiser now. I don’t change myself for the world anymore now. Even though I am not that naïve, I try and not allow myself to get cynical and bitter. That’s me.

Q. Well, looks like Kashibai is already a hit. We hear you were offered a R9-crore endorsement deal by an ethnic wear brand.
I won’t discuss the price point, but yes, there is a good offer. You know I have taken pride in doing such diverse roles… characters that are not the real me. I enjoy taking up characters which others might think is impossible for me to portray. I am the shyest person off screen, but when I get such roles, I change and become empowered.

Q. People have raised objections to certain ways the characters in Bajirao Mastani have been portrayed.
We are telling stories about human beings. And what these three human beings (Bajirao, Mastani and Kashibai) went through 500-plus years ago, no one knows. It is the director’s vision of what might have happened. It is so difficult to tell such stories. I tell Sanjay sir that by now he must be used to such objections. I truly admire him for his work; he’s one of the greatest cinematic voices that we have in the country. I have travelled the world, but everywhere I go I really feel proud to say I belong to Bollywood. I walk around with a strut like a peacock. We are the most prolific film industry and people everywhere are fascinated by Bollywood. It is time we give ourselves that credit.

Q. You mean we need to have a lot more self confidence?
I do. I have major self confidence because I am an actor in Bollywood first.


As the pilot episode for ABC’s counter terrorism drama Quantico begins, one of the biggest stars in Bollywood is lying in the ruins of a bomb blast.

It’s Priyanka Chopra, and she’s playing Alex Parrish, an FBI trainee falsely accused of setting off the explosion. She’s also making history as the first South Asian woman to play the lead in a network TV drama.

“The bomber knew exactly what they were doing,” Chopra says as Parrish in a later episode. “They framed the brown girl.”

But the story of how Chopra was able to make network television history starts with Anjula Acharia-Bath. She’s a venture capitalist who built a business on the side melding South Asian and U.S. pop culture.

And by bringing one of east Indian cinema’s biggest stars to American TV, Acharia-Bath had one goal.

“I wanted to change the world with this,” she says. “I wanted people to see my people in a way that represented me.”

Acharia-Bath’s drive to shatter stereotypes began in childhood. Raised the daughter of east Indian immigrants in a London suburb, she discovered an awful thing happened every time British TV showed stereotypical east Indian characters.

“I grew up in a very racist neighborhood in England, there was zero diversity…we were the only South Asian family for miles,” she said. “Literally, if there was something on TV one night, the next day…kids would poke fun at me and they would (say), ‘I saw your people on TV, this is what you do, this is how you are’…If there was something on TV, the next day I wouldn’t want to go to school. I would pretend to be sick.”

That experience stuck with her. So many years later, Acharia-Bath developed a sideline company mashing up South Asian and U.S. pop culture, called DesiHits.

Working with Interscope Records co-founder Jimmy Iovine, she signed Priyanka Chopra to a record deal. They put the Bollywood star together with Miami rapper Pitbull for the single Exotic, which had lyrics in Hindi.

“That was big risk,” Acharia-Bath says. “The whole hook was in Hindi…We knew it would probably get rejected at radio…but we did it because we thought it was cool and we loved the song.”

Then came some good luck. Acharia-Bath met ABC executive Keli Lee at a dinner party. Lee had already pushed ABC to feature more diversity in its casts, so she worked up a plan with Acharia-Bath to bring Chopra to American TV.

But Chopra and Acharia-Bath insisted any TV role avoid stereotypes.

“When they would ask her to come back for a reading or say ‘Can you play up your accent?’ we’d say, ‘No,'” Acharia-Bath says. “‘We can’t. We don’t want to sound like Apu from The Simpsons.'”

Joshua Safran is creator of Quantico. He says when Chopra auditioned, he had no idea she had made nearly 50 movies – Bollywood’s equivalent to Angelina Jolie.

“When she walked in, it really was about her performance and not about her ethnicity or the fact that she would be the first (South Asian network TV drama star),” he says. “In fact, it didn’t even occur to me that she would be the first until much later.”

Chopra told the program Showbiz India that the role wasn’t originally written for an Indian woman. They tweaked the character to make Parrish half Indian after Chopra was cast.

“When I got the part, we had a whole debate about whether we should change her name make her more Indian,” Chopra said. “I didn’t want to change the character. I wanted to be able to act like Alex.”

Some people may say such moves may “whitewash” the character and keep Alex Parrish from being culturally authentic (the show also notes Parrish spent 10 years living in Mumbai). But Acharia-Bath says the character is as authentically Indian as she is.

“There are some great shows that are very culturally specific…but we really wanted a role anyone could play,” she adds. “It wasn’t about her race or color. Any woman could relate to her.”

Quantico has been picked up for a full season by ABC and earns solid ratings, leading up to its winter finale Sunday. Acharia-Bath says the show’s success proves network TV has only begun to tap the potential of non-white stars.

“South Asians make up one fifth of the world’s population,” she adds. “These shows play in the U.K., Canada, India, the Middle East…diversity pays. That’s the bottom line.”

No one knows that better than Acharia-Bath, a venture capitalist who says doing the right thing can also be the profitable thing.


With the Shiv Sena threatening to disrupt the release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani and the chief minister asking officials to look into the issue, the film’s star Priyanka Chopra told mid-day that the director has the right to interpret the story the way he wanted to.

On Wednesday, the Sena demanded that the makers must cut portions that allegedly distort Maratha history, saying the film portrays Bajirao Peshwa and his spouses, Kashibai and Mastani, in a manner that hurts the sentiments of the family’s descendants in particular and the Marathi people in general.

Sarnaik said the party has taken the “democratic” route before resorting to Sena-style tactics. “The CM has started the procedure and there are 9-10 days for the film’s release. We expect positive action from the government,” he told mid-day from Nagpur, where the winter session of the State Legislature is currently on.

While Bhansali could not be reached for comment till press time, Priyanka Chopra, who plays Kashibai, told mid-day the film was entirely the director’s vision and it was entirely Bhansali’s prerogative how he wanted to present a particular story.

“For me, whatever I have done is completely and absolutely going by Bhansali’s vision,” said Chopra. “The film is based on a book and the book is inspired by the life of a legend from the 1700s. It is entirely a director’s vision and prerogative about how he wants to present a particular story. And that’s what happens in a democratic country. How are we to say what Bajirao’s personality was in his personal life?”

She said the best anyone, including historians, would know of is Bajirao’s public persona. “How do we know he didn’t dance, smile or didn’t express happiness in his private life?” the actor asked. “We have to allow a director’s vision and imagination to portray what he thinks could have happened. We must just see it as nothing but the cinematic vision of an extremely prolific filmmaker.”

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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 16 – “The Chew’s Snow Day!” – Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Everyone loves a snow day, spend it in the kitchen with the Chew Crew!
Special guest: Priyanka Chopra of ABC’s “Quantico”

It seems Priyanka Chopra, who is already basking in the glory of her hit American TV series ‘Quantico’, is going to have a double bonanza this Christmas! While her keenly anticipated and much touted film BAJIRAO MASTANI, also starring Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone is releasing on December 18, 2015, the trailer of Priyanka’s yet another biggie is set to arrive right after that.

Yes, the trailer of director Prakash Jha’s upcoming film JAI GANGAAJAL starring Priyanka Chopra in the lead will be out on December 22nd. When the first look poster of JAI GANGAAJAL featuring Priyanka Chopra had released a couple of months back, it received a positive feedback. With that it has certainly got us excited what the trailer would be like.

Priyanka is in US right now and busy with her TV show. She even attended the BAJIRAO MASTANI trailer launch event through a video conference from US. We wonder if she will come back for the trailer launch of JAI GANGAAJAL (if at all the event happens).

JAI GANGAAJAL showcases the dusty heartland of Central India with protagonist Abha Mathur portrayed by Priyanka Chopra as she examines again the society-police relationship to tell a new story.

Produced by Prakash Jha Productions and Play Entertainment, the film is slated to release on March 4, 2016.


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