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Priyanka is in the latest issue of G2 magazine. The article chronicles her rise to fame and all her accomplishments thus far. You can view the scans below!

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Priyanka Apollo in the Hamptons at The Creeks yesterday in East Hampton, NY. I added a few pictures below.

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Priyanka attended the Guild Hall Summer Gala East Hampton, NY last night. Pictures are below!

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Home > Appearances > 2017 > Guild Hall Summer Gala – 8/11/17

I’m trying to find the right words to say but it’s all coming out a jumbled mess, but I will do my best. As you all know I put together a Thank You book for Priyanka’s birthday which I planned to give her. I wasn’t able to give it to her before her birthday because she went on vacation with her family.

So her team had messaged me yesterday morning asking if I could get to the hotel by 1:30pm that day so of course I said I will be there. Once I got there the woman who organized this meet (Chanchal) came out to meet me and said Priyanka’s still shooting so wait here until she’s done. Ok fine no problem. After about an hour Chanchal comes out again and says Priyanka’s still shooting but to come inside and I can sit with them until she’s done. (I was sitting right next to Diana!) And let me tell youshe is the cutest and most well behaved puppy. She was just chilling in her bed watching her mommy take photos. In between takes Priyanka would go over to Diana and smother her kisses. Too adorable.

About 4pm Chanchal comes over to me and said Priyanka just finished and she’s coming out now to meet me. As soon as I got up Priyanka walked right over to me and just engulfed me in a big hug and said, “Hi Jessica! It’s so nice to see you how are you?” And she said “Come! Let’s sit down be comfortable.” She turned her body towards me so she was facing me and just started chatting like we were old friends.

She asked me, “So tell me how have you been? It’s been awhile since I last saw you. I met you last year on my birthday.” And honestly I wasn’t expecting her to talk to me like this at all so it was blowing my mind that she wanted to know about me. Then she was telling me that she decided to go away this year for her birthday and she asked if I saw her pictures (like DUH!) and she said she usually goes away with friends but this time she went with her mom and brother so it was awkward cause they don’t anywhere together anymore. And she just kept on taaaalking. And I was like please, keep on talking I don’t mind one bit. I could listen to her voice forever.

She asked me how long I’ve been here and I said I got there at 1:30 and she then started apologizing for making me wait so long and I said I’ll wait forever for her. And then she said “So you’ve seen the full shoot then right? What did you think?” I was in the biggest shock of my life that she kept talking to me on her level and not just some fan meeting a celebrity.

Then she started telling everyone that I was hipslikePC on twitter (LOL!) And she said, “I remember when I tweeted you something like that’s a great choice name.” (SHE REMEMBERED?!!) And she kept telling me that she loved my twitter name. And inside I was dying lol. She then introduced me to Dana and started telling her about me (Um ok?!!)

Then came time for the gifts. First I gave her Liz’s gift first (#MotherPCManiac) And she said “I remember Liz! I met her with you last year right.” And I said yeah but she couldn’t be here today. She started asking me about Liz, asking how was she and asked if that was the first time I met her when we met her. And she said “I was filming Quantico when we met right?” Gosh.

Then I gave her my gift and she opened it and started flipping through the pages (Ok, she’s like a little kid the way she was squealing when she was looking through it) And I told her it was a book of letters from her fans. And she said, “I can’t believe you did this for me. I can’t wait go back to the hotel so I can read your letter.” And the look on her face when I was telling her about your letters and when she was looking through it told me everything. This wasn’t a facade, it wasn’t an act. She was real. She is the most sincere, genuine person I have ever met. No amount of words will ever be able to describe that moment. It’s something you need to experience yourself to understand. She hugged me again for the gift and told me again how excited she was to read them.

The words she said to me. The way she listened to what I have to say and the way she treated me is something I will never forget. She is not Priyanka Chopra: Unattainable celebrity but Priyanka Chopra: approachable human. That is the way she treated me, like a human being. Like I was the only in that room with her and there was no place else she’d rather be. When she spoke to me she looked in my eyes and spoke with emotion in her voice. I can’t explain it but the way she looked said she was living in this moment with me and not thinking about anything else. It’s hard to explain.

We both stand up and she says “I hope I can meet you again. I’m shooting in New York now so visit me soon ok?” And I said um yeah of course I’ll be meeting you again. She hugged me again (She’s a hugger!) and said “Thank you for the gifts and meeting me. I hope I can see you again.” I really hope and pray that everyone can have this experience because she really is a gift from God and the biggest blessing in my life. I will always fall short of words to describe what it was like meeting Priyanka. Words will never even come close to the experience that I had with her yesterday and I will cherish this moment and these memories for the rest of my life.

Fun fact: When we stood up my head was in such a daze that I didn’t even know what I was doing so I absentmindedly picked up her sunglasses and she said, “Those are mine!” Haha, oops!

PS. I promised I wouldn’t post any pictures because she was doing a shoot so don’t even ask me thanks.

I decorated each page of the book differently but to get any idea I posted a couple pages 🙂

Priyanka is on the June cover of Mexican magazine, Sky View. I’ve added the scans to the gallery below!

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Priyanka was spotted on the set of her movie, A Kid Like Jake. I’ve added pictures to the gallery!

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Priyanka attended the Giorgio Armani Prive Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2017-2018 show as part of Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week. Pictures are in the gallery below!

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Priyanka’s Marathi film, Ventilator from her production company, Purple Pebble Pictures is available on DVD and Blu-Ray. You can buy it on Amazon or your local video store! Priyanka has a small cameo in the film and I’ve uploaded the captures below.

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Priyanka is on the cover and featured in the French Magazine TV. I have added the scans below! Quantico season 2 premieres on M6 on July 4th!

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