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Cross-continent travel and juggling Hollywood and Bollywood assignments are part and parcel of Priyanka Chopra’s life. But, the actress won’t stop at just that. She, along with mother Dr Madhu Chopra, dived into the regional film world with a Bhojpuri production, ‘Bam Bam Bol Raha Hai Kashi’, which released last June.

Next up under their banner, Purple Pebbles Pictures, is Marathi film ‘Ventilator’ that releases a fortnight later, while a Punjabi film is already on floors. The Chopra mother-daughter duo is also eyeing the Rajasthani and Chattisgarhi film industry keenly.

Sr Chopra says it is a conscious decision on their part to venture into regional cinema. “Priyanka is someone who follows the road less taken, doing unconventional stuff. We have a lot of good content and stories, which go untold as there are not many producers willing to put their money [on regional films]. Our aim is to back such projects and give them a global platform,” says Madhu, revealing that they plan to venture into mainstream Hindi films next year.

Despite a busy schedule in the West, Priyanka is a hands-on producer, insists Madhu. “Priyanka holds the remote control. We chat every day and I keep her up to date on all projects. She guides us on how to go about things. Without her approval, nothing moves here, so much so that she takes the final call on what should be written on invitation cards,” she says.

Talking about her role in the production company, she adds, “I look at the back-end work. Once she takes a decision, I look into the execution part of it.”

Quiz her if she would like to see her daughter get married sooner rather than later, and Madhu says, “Earlier, I used to talk to her about marriage, but I have stopped now. She is mature enough to take a decision herself.”


Indian actress Priyanka Chopra says she loves to shoot in New York, adding the energy of the city is amazing.

The actress is busy shooting for the second season of American TV show “Quantico” here. She also thanked city Mayor Bill de Blasio for helping the team of the show shoot in the US city.

“First and foremost, I want to thank the mayor and his office for helping bring this show to New York, we know about your contribution and are really grateful,” Priyanka said in a statement.

The “Bajirao Mastani” actress added: “Second of all, it’s New York city, it’s the center of the universe and for me, you know what is best about it is that I can fly back to India on a direct flight. So I love shooting in this city, the energy is amazing, I have a beautiful house on the east side, Thank you Mayor.”

Priyanka, who was seen essaying an FBI agent named Alex Parrish in the first season of the American drama series, is now portraying a CIA agent in its second season, which airs in India on Star World and Star World HD.

The actress expressed her views in an interview – conducted by YouTuber Mandy T.T. Carr – at the Paley Fest held earlier this week.


I uploaded photo shoot outtakes from Flaunt magazine.

Priyanka attended Paley Fest with her Quantico cast members and then attended Golden Heart Awards. You can view HQ pictures at the links below.

Episode stills from episode 6 “Aquiline” have been added to the gallery.

Priyanka is on the cover of the November issue of Women’s Health which is on newsstands now! You can view scans in the gallery below.

Priyanka Chopra, winning the world one steady step at a time, gets up, close and personal

A day in the life of Priyanka Chopra…
It isn’t as glamorous as you would think. My life is all about 5 am call times, 16-hour work days, photoshoots; but I wouldn’t change anything about it.

Your last vacation…
About three years ago, after my dad passed away. My mom, brother, aunts and cousins, all went to the Turks and Caicos Islands for a long overdue vacation. Think beautiful, sun-kissed beaches, azure water, delectable food and the best company. We had an amazing time and we bonded with each other over fun conversations.

Any destination on your bucket list?
I love to visit new places and my work takes me across the globe. I don’t really have a bucket list, but I know I will keep travelling and exploring all my life.

As the elder sister, are you the head of the family now?
Ever since I started working, I took up the responsibility of taking care of my family. My parents encouraged it. My father will always remain the head of our family, and my mom, its backbone. I have just assumed the role of being everyone’s caretaker, sometimes to the point of being excessively protective. The truth is my family means everything to me. My mom lovingly calls me her ‘grandmother’.

How do you pull yourself back together after a loss or heartbreak?
I work, often to the point of exhaustion and collapse. Work gives me focus, and exhaustion helps me sleep peacefully without trying too hard. This way, I am completely recharged when I wake up the next day. Irrespective of what happens, you have to keep moving on, and this is what allows me to realign. It’s not as easy as it seems to be, but it works for me almost every time.

Do you plan things in life?
I have never followed a plan. I trust my instinct. Also, I like to push the set boundaries; I push myself into trying something new time and again. Taking up challenges has made me whatever I am today.

Would you follow your heart when it comes to love, marriage?
I’m a hopeless romantic but I do believe your mind should also be involved in the decision. You can be easily blinded by both love and your heart. Your mind ensures you are aware of the reality and you’re okay with it. Marriage is no cake walk. And while love is imperative, it’s not the only thing that makes a marriage successful.

How often do you get ‘me’ time?
When I need ‘me’ time, I just take it. It’s not difficult because I surround myself with people I love and respect; this applies even in my professional life. They all fight to make sure I get time to myself.

Key to mental calm and stability…
My family and friends. Sometimes, on my days off, I disconnect from everything and just lie in my bed. My bedroom and my theatre room are my favourite spaces; they are my own private oasis. I watch movies and TV shows, read, listen to music or just do nothing. This enables me to set my equilibrium right.


What can you tease about the terrorist plot on Quantico? — Wade
You’ve probably guessed this already, but not everyone’s going to survive what’s coming. “Grievous bodily harm comes to one of our major characters in the first third of the season,” EP Josh Safran hints. “I’m shocked at what we’ve pulled off. I mean, I really thought for sure we had gone too far, but I guess we didn’t.” Even farther than the gutsy beheading in the premiere? Brace yourselves, Quantico fans. (And leave your guesses about the victim’s identity in the comments!)