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Priyanka Chopra, in her eighth year as UNICEF’s goodwill ambassador from India, launched the ‘Fair Start’ campaign for every child in the country by unveiling a documentary which used nursery rhymes like “Ringa ringa roses”, “Jack and Jill”, “Twinkle, twinkle little star” and “Johnny Johnny, yes papa” to address the disparity between the rich and poor which has become the bane of the youth. Over the next year, PeeCee will launch a series of films by UNICEF that offer an insight into the lives of children who despite their innate potential are less likely to grow up healthy and safe and more likely to be married as children. Clicking selfies with students from Haryana and Delhi, she urged them not to live in a delusional world but work towards an opportunity.

“I associate myself with initiatives close to my heart. Now, I am also a ‘Girl Up Champion’ for the United Nations,” says the actress, who earlier was a part of the Greenathon mission and has also launched The Priyanka Chopra Foundation for Health and Education to carry the cause forward. “It is completely self-funded and a small endeavour at the moment but I plan to partner with bigger organisations soon.”

Speaking about female empowerment the Quanticostar admitted that the issue invariably came back to feminism. “Feminism needs to become a proud word, give women the freedom that men have been enjoying for years without being judged. Feminism desperately needs two things – one, girl love and two, more men. Women need to prop each other up and not pull each other down and men need to support the idea of getting their women their due,” she asserted.

As a spirited woman she is tackling pay disparity in the film industry head on. Admitting that it is a big issue that actors globally are paid a lot more than actresses, she acknowledged that it’s a tricky situation. “When I did Fashion, I was told that actresses did solo films at the end of their careers to prove a point. The film worked and did good business and I could demand what I wanted,” she reminisced, adding that the audience too is at fault for going to watch a ‘hero ka’ film. “Whether the film revolves around the hero or the heroine shouldn’t matter, what’s important is talent,” she signs off.


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