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Mary Kom: I am happy that Priyanka is doing my role

Few days back it was reported that Priyanka Chopra will portray bronze medal winner Mary Kom’s role in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film and now we get to know how Mary herself feels about Priyanka doing her role.

The winner said, “Any actress is good enough to play my role. They are all talented. I am happy that Priyanka is doing my role,” Mary said at an event. When Mary was asked if she has nay plan to debut in film, she said, “It is hard for me. I am not good at acting. I get nervous while facing the camera.”

Mary Kom added that she would love to show the film’s cast and the crew as how people lead their life in Manipur.

By winning bronze in Olympics Mary Kom has brought pride to India and she now aims to win gold for her country. Inspired by her struggle, hard work and success, filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali thought to catch her life in celluloid.

Belonging to Kom tribal community of north eastern state Manipur, Mary initially tried to hide her interest of boxing from her family and community as sport was not considered suitable for a woman.

After winning Manipur state women’s boxing championship in 2000, her talent was recognized and she started competing at international level at the age of 18.

Priyanka will be trained to get into the role. A source revealed, “She needs to understand how Mary has struggled to perfect her sport even though she had to play mother to twins and take care of her husband. There are a lot of things about Mary’s family that nobody knows. For instance, Mary’s father became aware of his daughter’s affinity to boxing only after he read about her achievements in the newspaper. By spending time with the family, Priyanka will get to know about such stories.”

Mary is married and she has twin boys.


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