Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you Priyanka?
No, I am simply a fan running a fan site for her. That is all.

Have you ever met Priyanka?

Do you know Priyanka?
I have no contact with Priyanka, her team or anyone else associated with her.

How can I contact Priyanka?
You can follow Priyanka on twitter, facebook and instagram.

Does Priyanka know about this site?
She follows the site on twitter.

Can I send you letters/gifts that you can give to Priyanka?
No. Any fanmail sent to me will not be given to her.

Can I use the pictures posted on your site?
Of course! I don’t personally own any of the photos posted on this site and are for you to use however you want.

Where do you find pictures of Priyanka?
Various places on the internet.