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The goal of is to be the #1 resource for all things Priyanka. In order to have the most complete site/gallery on the web, I need your help. A short list of my most wanted items is below but if you come across anything else that the site is missing, please email me at

If you would like to be a co web please get in touch with me. Please include your location when applying to be a coweb. Also include any experience you have with social media, wordpress and coppermine. If you are not familiar with wordpress or coppermine it’s not a requirement, I can easily teach you just let me know in the email. Please note that I take pride in handling this website and all social media accounts in a professional manor and I expect you to do the same if accepted. Only trustworthy and reliable people will be considered. If your application is accepted you must agree to my privacy policy.

• Screencaptures from TV appearances/videos etc.
• Photoshoots and photoshoot outtakes that aren’t already in the gallery.
• Any magazine scans we’re missing.
• Any other pictures that are missing from the gallery.

We are looking for untagged photos and scans. Certain “professional” watermarks and tags we’ll accept but please try to avoid sending us items with fansite tags on them. This does not mean that we are asking you to remove the tag. However, if the item is particularly rare feel free to send it in anyway and we will make the decision if we want to post it.

Running a fansite is not cheap. I don’t get paid to run this website and buying magazines, photos, and DVDs etc. are coming out of my own pocket. If you’d like to donate any amount (every dollar counts) contact us for our Paypal information. All donations received will go towards the running of this site.

Thank you

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