Chopra: ‘Miss World can’t change the world’

Priyanka Chopra has warned Miss World contestants that they cannot change the world by winning the title.

The former Miss World 2000 is on the judging panel for this year’s contest, to be held tonight in Johannesburg.

According to Express India, she said: “Miss World is not the president of a country, and people should not expect her to be that.

“She’s just a girl who has been given this pedestal of power and position and she is going to do her bit to help whoever needs help.

“It’s doing fundraisers, raising money for charities, so she is going to help people who need it, but she is not going to eradicate poverty or change the world.”

On judging the winner, she added: “I’ll be looking for a girl with substance who knows what she’s saying and can face world media. I will see whether she can stand up to the pressure of being Miss World, because it comes with a lot of expectations.”