Chopra: ‘It’s hard to keep fans interested’

Priyanka Chopra has said that it is difficult to keep audiences interested in her simple yet beautiful characters.

The actress, who will soon be appearing in Pyaar Impossible, claimed that boundaries help fans identify with her characters in romantic films.

“Heroines ought to look beautiful, it’s their work. We look pretty, we wear great clothes but that’s our job. But how do I make you feel for her?” Chopra told IANS.

“When you do characters like one in Aitraaz, Fashion or Kaminey, there are certain peripheries. For example, Sweety in Kaminey won’t be able to speak English or she won’t wear jeans and top. They are difficult, but the boundaries help.”

Also starring the film’s writer and producer Uday Chopra, Pyaar Impossible is a romantic story about a beauty and a geek. Directed by Jugal Hansraj, it shows how fate brings Uday and Priyanka together and love blooms against all odds.