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Priyanka is in the September issue of Flare Fashion and I added the scans and video below. You can pick up your copy of the magazine now!

You can watch the video here.

We love Priyanka Chopra for many reasons, but perhaps one of our favorite things about the actress is her level head about health and fitness—a rarity for women in Hollywood. (This is a girl who eats an In-N-Out burger before hitting a red carpet, after all.)

“I believe in a woman having curves,” the 33-year-old says in the video above, part of her conversation with I Am That Girl’s Emily Greener for InStyle’s April #innerstyle column, now on newsstands. “Everyone has a different body type, and you have to find what’s best about your body type.”

While Chopra admits she owes her svelte figure to “Indian genes,” her body positivity is all part of her philosophy to be the best version of herself. “What makes you different is what makes you special,” she says. “The more different you are, the more special you are.” Sound advice from a woman who grew up being bullied for being “different.”

Watch the video above for more of Chopra’s candid thoughts on embracing your #innerstyle, and read the full feature with the star of Baywatch and Quantico inside the April issue of InStyle, now available on newsstands and for digital download. Plus, learn more about I Am That Girl and its mission to change the way girls treat themselves—and each other.

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She’s “fabulous,” “endearing,” basically “perfect,” say the castmates of Quantico star Priyanka Chopra. But their No. 1, most favorite thing about their ABC drama co-worker? Her love of hearty, meaty food, a love so strong she refers to herself as… The Baconator.

Chopra’s co-stars, Josh Hopkins and Johanna Braddy, share the many things they love about the actress in a Yahoo TV video chat, and can’t deny they’re envious about her ability to chow down on burgers, hot wings, and chili dogs, and not have to pay for her indulgences with hours in the gym.