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Priyanka was seen filming scenes for Quantico. Over 80 pictures are below.

After the rollercoaster events of season one, in which she cleared her name, saved millions of lives, and discovered that the mastermind behind it all was the very man who had trained her at Quantico, American hero Alex Parrish was given a shocking reward: She was fired by the FBI. But in the final moments of the season finale, she was given the chance to serve her country again, in the clandestine ranks of United States’ top intelligence agency, the CIA.

When season two begins, Alex finds herself at “The Farm,” the CIA’s mysterious training facility. As Alex navigates the dark world of espionage, far different and more dangerous than what she’s learned before, she’s pulled into the center of a deadly conspiracy that not only threatens the lives of this country’s citizens, but the lives of countless others across the globe. This conspiracy calls everyone around her into question, be it new faces from the CIA or old ones from the Bureau. Prepare yourselves for another thrilling and heart-stopping adventure loaded with surprises you won’t see coming.

“Quantico” stars Priyanka Chopra as Alex Parrish, Blair Underwood as Owen Hall, Aunjanue Ellis as Miranda Shaw, Jake McLaughlin as Ryan Booth, Johanna Braddy as Shelby Wyatt, Yasmine Al Massri as Nimah and Raina Amin, Russell Tovey as Harry Doyle, Aaron Diaz as Leon Velez and Pearl Thusi as Dayana Mampasi.

The original interview is in French but it’s been translated to English so might not be completely accurate 🙂

TELEVISION / INTERVIEW – With its new series, M6 realized last week its best start in nearly 10 years. A success that owes much to his heroine. Le Figaro met the Bollywood superstar late June during his visit to Paris. Confidences.

Starting with a bang for the new series of M6. Quantico tells the story and the mare a rookie FBI wrongly accused of committing the attack the worst ever experienced in the United States since September 11 2016. At its launch last week, the series brought together up to 4, 8 million viewers.

Alternating two time frames (between past memories and present), as in Lost , multiplying misunderstandings and false leads, the lure of Quantico is especially much to his pugnacious heroin Alex, as formidable as Jason Bourne, trying to understand who within his promotion was trapped. Former Miss World, the performer is the Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra . The actress of 34 years has a statue and several Indian Oscars nominations to his credit. His charisma, his energy do forgive all improbable scenario. Great show, Quantico ? Yes, but with more soul and an open mind notables.

While in Paris in late June, actress that is also seen in the film adaptation of Baywatch had told the Figaro that had prompted him to choose Quantico and the plunge of the large to the small screen.

LE FIGARO – Miss World, movie star in India, singer … How did you get on American television?
Priyanka Chopra. – I was in Los Angeles currently recording songs. At a party, I met a casting director. I am a fan of many American series and she asked me why I never played it. Turn a series takes a long time, the pace of the movie where we work for four months on a film was fine for me. I left India but a few weeks later she joined me and convinced me to sign an option with ABC. All I had to do was to read some scripts. If no scenario I liked, I was not obliged to follow. I returned to California and I read 26 drivers developed by ABC last year. Quantico was my favorite.

What has rained in the concept of Quantico ?
The series is about entertaining the problems the world faces and the way people like you and me, are responding. My character feels no remorse. Alex does not censor herself, she lives her life as she sees fit. Especially there are not many heroines like her who have the right to save the planet! Alex is a sum of paradoxes: both tough and vulnerable, both slightly destroyed because it endures without ever losing confidence.

How did you prepare for this role?
I have done many action movies in India thus embody a member of the security forces was not new. Several former FBI agents came to talk to us about their experience within the organization. However, I have worked hard my American accent with a teacher! I also had to change my body language: do not shake hands when talking, which is very Indian, walk with a little more confident and feminine. I had to be convincing in the role of a young American woman. The shooting was very demanding physically because we had to be credible recruits. We trained in the evening when we had more than ten hours of presence before the cameras, and I speak of a conventional gym workout but fight scenes melee!

What were your models to give life to Alex?
I see it more like a Jason Bourne in the women that as a disciple of Sherlock Holmes. It proceeds by deduction but looking for evidence. It is physically and emotionally hard to break.

Do you have a lot in common with your character?
No. Alex is bold, I’m shy. She does not trust anyone, I’m pretty gullible.

Like Lost or Once upon a time, Quantico features two eras: it happened in Alex’s training at Quantico and this happened six months later in New York when the attack was committed and Alex had taken her position at the FBI. Was it difficult to come and go between the two periods without knowing what had happened in between?
At first I asked myself many questions but our writers knew where they were going. Anyway, Alex has not a clue what is happening, the person who wanted him to wear the hat. Be ignorant, like her, I actually help.

Have you tried to guess the identity of the traitor Quantico ?
We did not know his name mostly jusu’à Advent-last episode. Every week we made paris. Some of the actors have identified the suspect but me, absolutely not!

Portray terrorism as part of a series is not clear. How to avoid anxiety?
Unfortunately, no matter where we live, terrorism is part of our life. It is the most powerful tool that exists to impose on someone, for fear his own convictions. Quantico mentions this fact by coating it in a fun pop envelope. In the series there is music, love stories, secret.

Are there times where Quantico stuck too closely to reality and where the writers had to change course?
Quantico is not a docudrama. All worst-case scenarios to which our writers think have probably already occurred but inject a particular tragedy in one episode is not the goal. Under his jacket entertainment, the series addresses current geopolitical issues: the Israeli-Palestinian issue, the Indo-Pakistani relations. I do not think it does hide behind political correctness.

The series reserve increasingly a place of choice for independent and leading heroines. Is this also the strength of Quantico ?

Quantico has mostly interesting characters and goes against stereotypes. When did we last see time an Indian actor not to start dancing and singing in the middle of a scene? Alex is not a computer scientist, engineer or doctor. Similarly, I have never seen a woman wearing a hijab portrayed as a patriot willing to defend the United States. We characters could not be more different: a Mormon, a gay, a survivor of a sect …

What Quantico taught you as an actress?
You do not need to know everything that will happen to your character. Just trust your instincts as an actress. The television experience is very different from that of cinema. In a soap opera, you need above all to know your characters. In a film you have to know the history to develop your role.

Have you discovered something about you going?
I do not like the cold winters: we were shooting in Montreal! I hope New York where we will put our suitcases for the second season will be more lenient.

Is Quantico opened doors for you?
I was lucky enough to never miss proposals and opportunities. But the international success of Quantico allowed me to travel extensively to promote the series and meet people that I would never have crossed if not and vice versa. The show made ​​me know in countries where my name was not saying anything. It is a privileged cultural exchange.

Are you a big fan of series?
I have time to watch that when I’m at home or makeup but I like Narcos, Castle, Grey’s Anatomy or Netflix documentary Making a murderer .


South African actress Pearl Thusi is set to play a new series regular on Season 2 of ABC drama series Quantico.

Thusi will play Dayana Mampasi, a driven, disciplined, type-A lawyer. After graduating top of her class at Harvard, she worked at an NGO for two years before joining her parents’ Boston firm. But though she seems to have it all, Dayana struggles to fit in. She joins series stars Priyanka Chopra, Jake McLaughlin, Aunjanue Ellis, Yasmine Al Massri, Johanna Braddy, Blair Underwood, and Russell Tovey.

Durban-born Thusi has appeared on numerous TV shows in her native South Africa, including Zone 14, Soul City, Rhythm City, Family Bonds, Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency and iCrew. She had lead roles on long-running South African soap opera Tsidingo, as well as feature KalushiThe Solomon Mhlangu Story. She’s repped by Generate and Capacity Relations in South Africa.

Season 2 of Quantico premieres September 25 on ABC.


The more than 20,000 active voting members of the Television Academy can now cast their ballots online to determine this year’s Emmy nominees at Voting ends June 27 at 10 pm PT. The Academy will announce the resulting Emmy nominations the morning of Thursday, July 14, 2016 from the Wolf Theatre at its new Saban Media Center in North Hollywood, CA.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
Priyanka Chopra

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
Tate Ellington
Josh Hopkins
Jake McLaughlin
Graham Rogers

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
Yasmine Al Massri
Aunjanue Ellis

Outstanding Drama Series

Outstanding Production Design For A Narrative Contemporary Or Fantasy Program (One hour or more)
Run (Pilot)

Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series

Outstanding Costumes For A Contemporary Series, Limited Series Or Movie
Run (Pilot)

Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For a Drama Series

Outstanding Special Visual Effects In A Supporting Role

Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series


Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment has released details for ‘Quantico: The Complete First Season,’ available to own on DVD on September 13, 2016 and now available for pre-order.

Television’s most riveting mystery unfurls against a backdrop of steamy seduction, maddening conspiracies and nerve-shattering suspense in ABC’s Quantico – The Complete First Season.

People’s Choice Award winner Priyanka Chopra stars as Alex Parrish, one of a diverse group of young recruits at the FBI Quantico Base. Despite intriguing personal secrets and complicated pasts, Alex and her fellow ‘NATs’ (New Agents In Training) are the best, brightest, most thoroughly vetted candidates in the U.S., so it seems impossible that one of them could be a traitor. However, when Alex is framed for masterminding the most lethal attack on New York City since 9/11, she must race against time – and betray her closest friends and colleagues – to somehow identify the real culprit and prevent further carnage… because the bomber appears to be working from inside the Bureau.

Revel in the thrill of the chase with all 22 action-packed episodes – plus captivating bonus features – that let you navigate the dangerous labyrinth of twists and turns that is Quantico.

Bonus Features:
‘RUN’ VIDEO COMMENTARY – Take a front-row seat with Creator/Executive Producer Joshua Safran and Actors Priyanka Chopra, Jake McLaughlin, Yasmine Al Massri, Johanna Braddy, Tate Ellington and Graham Rogers in this revealing split-screen commentary.
WELCOME TO QUANTICO – Priyanka Chopra and the cast and crew share stories from the set of the friendships they forged and how the show came together, from casting and training to working with ‘twins,’ bonding over board games, and those sexy blue Henleys.
WHO DID IT? FALSE LEADS, THEORIES AND RED HERRINGS – The cast reflect on not knowing who the culprit was until the very end, and the various theories they held about his or her identity.

Cast: Priyanka Chopra as Alex Parrish; Yasmine Al Massri as Nimah Amin; Johanna Braddy as Shelby Wyatt; Tate Ellington as Simon Asher; Aunjanue Ellis as Miranda Shaw; Jake McLaughlin as Ryan Booth; Graham Rogers as Caleb Haas; Josh Hopkins as Liam O’Connor; and Anabelle Acosta as Natalie Vasquez.


Anything new on Quantico Season 2? —Barb
Producers are on the prowl for an African-American actress in her late 20s to play a new agent summed up as “Jessica Jones by night, Jessica Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty by day.” Lydia (the character’s tentative name) is described as a “sharp and sexy” prodigy who will do whatever it takes to get what she wants in the field. She also speaks multiple languages including, presumably, the language of luhrve.


Things were peachy keen for Alex (Priyanka Chopra) and Ryan (Jake McLaughlin) at the end of Season 1 of Quantico, but will that carry through Season 2?

Showrunner Josh Safran isn’t promising anything, but he teases that Rylex will go through fewer ups and downs and twists and turns next season (so that probably means Ryan won’t get shot twice in, like, three days again). “If Season 1 was fast, Season 2 will be slower, just merely by the nature of [Alex] being in the CIA and not on the run anymore,” Safran tells “I think, if anything, we’d get to spend more time with the characters and relationships, and tackle them that way. And we’ll see how her new role [in the CIA] affects them.”

But perhaps it’s a person who comes between them… like Russell Tovey’s shifty, charismatic new character Harry Doyle? Is he Alex’s asset? Handler? A fugitive? Her hot car hookup on her first day? (Déjà vu alert!) That would not surprise us at all.


Priyanka attended and performed at the ABC Upfronts today. Keep checking back for more updates!

Gallery Link:

A year ago, Priyanka Chopra was being trotted out on stage at ABC’s upfront presentation alongside the network’s biggest stars — Shondaland’s Ellen Pompeo and Kerry Washington. It was the first step in a long journey the Bollywood star and former Miss World 2000 took in her efforts to continue her global rise to stardom as the star of an American TV series.

In the year since, ABC’s Quantico became one of the breakout freshman dramas of the 2015-16 broadcast season, with Chopra’s image plastered across the country on billboards and busses. Today, Chopra is spending her hiatus from Quantico on the set of Baywatch, where she’s co-starring opposite Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Zac Efron.

After detailing her incredible journey to last year’s upfronts — from series pickup to hitting the ABC afterparties, Chopra returns to write a follow-up guest column for THR in which she details the seven biggest lessons she learned in the past year.

As the curtains came down on season one of Quantico on Sunday, it was a culmination of an incredible journey that began almost a year ago. I’m no clairvoyant, which is evident by the fact that I could not have predicted the outcome to this particular journey … not by a long-shot! There is no way I could have predicted the amazing reception and support that Quantico has received this season or even the way that I have been welcomed into the fold here in America.

I started out with just a desire to try something new lodged in my head; with hope of making new connections, building in my heart and a fist full of determination, carried in my hands! That’s all I packed for on this trip to a new tomorrow.

It’s been, as clichéd as it sounds, a rollercoaster ride. It’s not the gentle little thrill you find at your local county fair … but a knock-your-socks-off, screaming-for-your-life ride of a lifetime. Every turn, every stomach-churning drop and every steep climb on those tracks thought me a new lesson, each of which has been seared into my memory.

Here are a few of my most important lessons.
• Don’t restrict the “view” for yourself. Be focused but not myopic … think about the bigger picture.

• The world is smaller than you think. Since I came from another part of the world, I expected many differences in the way things worked but at the end of the day, there actually were more similarities between the American and Indian entertainment industry. The same chaos, creativity, passion and genius all around. The most obvious distinction being the language with which I delivered my lines.

• Familiarity and comfort can sometimes weigh you down. Being very far away from anything familiar is very difficult and to be able to start from scratch was very hard for me but at the same time it gave me a new perspective on many things. I think it made me more aware and actually helped with my performance.

• TV is brutal. I’m a film girl. We have specific time frames and we take our time to create; we breathe! TV is frenetic more so because of the sheer amount of content that needs to be created for every episode times 22! The hours are killer, the pace nonstop. No one sent me the memo.

• Every week is judgment day. With feature films, it’s a one-time judgment once your film is premiered. Reviews, box office and then you move on to the next project. With TV, you are being rated and judged weekly for an eight-month stretch.

• Trust in yourself. Any transition is easier if you believe in yourself and your talent.

• Hard work and perseverance. Take it everywhere you go!

Has it been worth it? Hell yeah! I miss home. I miss being back on set for a film back in India. I miss my friends. I miss my dog. But I’ve also created a new home (one that fits into a suitcase). I’ve made new friends. Shot for a feature film here (playing Baywatch’s bad girl) and made many of my friends’ pets my own. I know now that I can balance between my two worlds. It’s not easy but I’ve found my way.

Quantico has been renewed for a second season and that in itself is a special feeling. It’s the ultimate stamp of approval from the audience and the network powers that be. We created something special and we get to do it all over again. What more can a girl ask for?