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Hello people! I’m back with another birthday project for Priyanka (a tad early but that’s because I’m busy with work + it’s a reallllyyy big project so need time to put everything together) If you don’t remember last year we made a video to spread awareness about child sexual abuse to further promote Priyanka’s work with UNICEF. This year, we have the same theme although we won’t be making a video, it’ll be more hands on than that. Keep reading to find out more (it’s a really long post but it’s worth it I promise – or if you want to just read the cliff notes scroll to the end, haha!) Any questions/comments/concerns tweet to me or send me an email!

As we all know Priyanka is very passionate about giving back and does a lot of philanthropy work both with UNICEF and her own foundation, among others. What better way to celebrate her birthday than by giving back?

I’ve set up a shop selling items such as clothing, phone/tablet cases, totes, wall art and more! If you follow me on Instagram you might remember a few months ago I asked people to send me their favorite Priyanka quote. Well, I had some of them printed on such items for you to buy so now we can all be inspired by Priyanka’s words! 🙂 Prices are in USD but ships worldwide! 100% will be donated to UNICEF in honor of Priyanka’s birthday. So, let’s see how much we can raise together!

Once donated: Send me an email or dm with your name and location to be printed on a card for Priyanka.

Wanna participate but don’t want any items? That’s fine! You can make a donation (any amount) directly here. Anyone who made a donation/purchase’s name will be printed on a card given to Priyanka for her birthday.

In addition, you also have a chance to win prizes, send messages and write postcards for Priyanka. Continue reading if you wanna find out how.. 🙂

Postcards from your city/country

In order to participate all you need is a 4×6 postcard of your city/country (or if you don’t have one from your city any postcard will do!) and the ability to donate.

Once you have made your UNICEF donation or purchase from the shop dm or email me the confirmation (blur out personal information for your own safety) and I will send you the address for you to send your postcard.

On your postcard write a short message wishing Priyanka a happy birthday. Only cards will be sent to Priyanka, no gifts or letters will be accepted.

I ask that all postcards be postmarked no later than July 1st for fans in the US & Canada and June 24th for international fans (PLENTY of time). (In the event some cards reach me late, they will be passed on to Priyanka so long as they were postmarked by the correct date.)

Important: Once you’ve made a purchase or donation email me at or dm me on twitter and I’ll give you the mailing address to send a postcard. Postcards will only be included if they have a donation confirmation as the point of this project is to raise money for UNICEF. If you prefer to donate but not send a card, that’s okay too. You can send me a note anyway so I can add your name to the card with a note saying you don’t have a postcard.

-Write your messages as thoughtful, encouraging, funny as possible. Whatever you want to say (as long as it’s not disrespectful)!
-Do not write anything offensive, disrespectful, obscene or vulgar in any form.
-Do not include any type of personal information such as phone number, email address, home address. (postcards that include such will be thrown out). Twitter handles/usernames are acceptable and encouraged!
-Postcards should be sent in envelopes that you send cards in.
-Deadline for postcards must be postmarked no later than July 1st for US & Canada, and June 24th for international.

The Contest

Who doesn’t love to win prizes or goodies?! Anyone who donates/purchases any amount will automatically be entered into a raffle to win some pretty cool prizes! If you purchase/donate at least $100usd your name will be entered three times into the raffle!

First prize winner will win either their choice of an autographed magazine (Marie Claire, April 2017) or a Priyanka Chopra Mystery box.
Second prize winner will win either autographed magazine or Priyanka Chopra mystery box (don’t know what a mystery box is? It’s just what it says! You won’t know what’s in it until you open it but it will be filled with Priyanka items)

There will be two different contests (and three winners), the second contest I’ll post at a later date so stay tuned for that.

All names will be entered into a raffle and winners will be chosen at random on July 19, 2018.

PS- if you want your name to be entered into the raffle 3 times (spend $100USD+), you don’t have to spend $100 at once. Spend $20, $15 next week, $30 next month, etc. I’ll keep a tally of how much everyone spent and enter accordingly. Like I said you have until July so you have plenty of time. Got it?

I’ll assemble a package with all the postcards as well as the donation total and your names and send it to Priyanka for her birthday.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns do not hesitate to send me a message and I’ll answer you as best I can and try to help you!

So to sum it up:
– Postcard of your city/country with short birthday message written on it.
– A purchase from anything in the shop to support UNICEF.
– Or make a donation without any purchase here.
– Everything needs to be postmarked by July 1 for US & Canada fans and June 24 for international.
– Email or dm me on twitter once you have donated/purchased (I can’t enter you in the raffles if I don’t have your names!)
– You have until July 18th to donate (if you’re planning on sending a postcard you would need to donate BEFORE the correct dates)

I look forward to seeing your wonderful postcards and seeing how much money we can raise!

I have a few more ideas/contests/fun stuff but I will post that at a later date!

Please note: I understand that not everyone is able to donate but don’t worry there will still be a chance for those who weren’t able to participate which will be posted in July.

I’m trying to find the right words to say but it’s all coming out a jumbled mess, but I will do my best. As you all know I put together a Thank You book for Priyanka’s birthday which I planned to give her. I wasn’t able to give it to her before her birthday because she went on vacation with her family.

So her team had messaged me yesterday morning asking if I could get to the hotel by 1:30pm that day so of course I said I will be there. Once I got there the woman who organized this meet (Chanchal) came out to meet me and said Priyanka’s still shooting so wait here until she’s done. Ok fine no problem. After about an hour Chanchal comes out again and says Priyanka’s still shooting but to come inside and I can sit with them until she’s done. (I was sitting right next to Diana!) And let me tell youshe is the cutest and most well behaved puppy. She was just chilling in her bed watching her mommy take photos. In between takes Priyanka would go over to Diana and smother her kisses. Too adorable.

About 4pm Chanchal comes over to me and said Priyanka just finished and she’s coming out now to meet me. As soon as I got up Priyanka walked right over to me and just engulfed me in a big hug and said, “Hi Jessica! It’s so nice to see you how are you?” And she said “Come! Let’s sit down be comfortable.” She turned her body towards me so she was facing me and just started chatting like we were old friends.

She asked me, “So tell me how have you been? It’s been awhile since I last saw you. I met you last year on my birthday.” And honestly I wasn’t expecting her to talk to me like this at all so it was blowing my mind that she wanted to know about me. Then she was telling me that she decided to go away this year for her birthday and she asked if I saw her pictures (like DUH!) and she said she usually goes away with friends but this time she went with her mom and brother so it was awkward cause they don’t anywhere together anymore. And she just kept on taaaalking. And I was like please, keep on talking I don’t mind one bit. I could listen to her voice forever.

She asked me how long I’ve been here and I said I got there at 1:30 and she then started apologizing for making me wait so long and I said I’ll wait forever for her. And then she said “So you’ve seen the full shoot then right? What did you think?” I was in the biggest shock of my life that she kept talking to me on her level and not just some fan meeting a celebrity.

Then she started telling everyone that I was hipslikePC on twitter (LOL!) And she said, “I remember when I tweeted you something like that’s a great choice name.” (SHE REMEMBERED?!!) And she kept telling me that she loved my twitter name. And inside I was dying lol. She then introduced me to Dana and started telling her about me (Um ok?!!)

Then came time for the gifts. First I gave her Liz’s gift first (#MotherPCManiac) And she said “I remember Liz! I met her with you last year right.” And I said yeah but she couldn’t be here today. She started asking me about Liz, asking how was she and asked if that was the first time I met her when we met her. And she said “I was filming Quantico when we met right?” Gosh.

Then I gave her my gift and she opened it and started flipping through the pages (Ok, she’s like a little kid the way she was squealing when she was looking through it) And I told her it was a book of letters from her fans. And she said, “I can’t believe you did this for me. I can’t wait go back to the hotel so I can read your letter.” And the look on her face when I was telling her about your letters and when she was looking through it told me everything. This wasn’t a facade, it wasn’t an act. She was real. She is the most sincere, genuine person I have ever met. No amount of words will ever be able to describe that moment. It’s something you need to experience yourself to understand. She hugged me again for the gift and told me again how excited she was to read them.

The words she said to me. The way she listened to what I have to say and the way she treated me is something I will never forget. She is not Priyanka Chopra: Unattainable celebrity but Priyanka Chopra: approachable human. That is the way she treated me, like a human being. Like I was the only in that room with her and there was no place else she’d rather be. When she spoke to me she looked in my eyes and spoke with emotion in her voice. I can’t explain it but the way she looked said she was living in this moment with me and not thinking about anything else. It’s hard to explain.

We both stand up and she says “I hope I can meet you again. I’m shooting in New York now so visit me soon ok?” And I said um yeah of course I’ll be meeting you again. She hugged me again (She’s a hugger!) and said “Thank you for the gifts and meeting me. I hope I can see you again.” I really hope and pray that everyone can have this experience because she really is a gift from God and the biggest blessing in my life. I will always fall short of words to describe what it was like meeting Priyanka. Words will never even come close to the experience that I had with her yesterday and I will cherish this moment and these memories for the rest of my life.

Fun fact: When we stood up my head was in such a daze that I didn’t even know what I was doing so I absentmindedly picked up her sunglasses and she said, “Those are mine!” Haha, oops!

PS. I promised I wouldn’t post any pictures because she was doing a shoot so don’t even ask me thanks.

I decorated each page of the book differently but to get any idea I posted a couple pages 🙂

Hello! We are starting part 2 of the project and I hope you will all join me 🙂 For this part we will be making a video, however it won’t be your typical Happy Birthday video. I’ve had this this idea brewing in my head since Priyanka was named UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador last year, but with her recent trip to Africa I’m even more determined to bring this to life. SO, I thought it would be a good idea if we all came together as fans and create a campaign video to further spread awareness about child sexual assault. Now, how exactly will this work? Participation is key and requires some effort from you. I know that Priyanka fans are especially creative, so this is your chance to show off your creativity AND spread awareness at the same time.

The basics

• The video will include fans sharing facts about child sexaul assault. You are encouraged to share your fact through any creative platform you see fit. You can record a video of yourself clearly stating your fact. You can decorate a poster or sign with your fact written on it and take a picture of yourself holding your sign. Or if you don’t want to be on camera then just take a picture of your sign. You can make a graphic/edit in photoshop with your fact. OR any other creative way you would like to share. The more creative the better! The sky’s the limit.

• So to make sure I don’t have a dozen of the same facts, if you want to be a part of this video then get in touch with me and I will assign you a fact. ONLY if you’re serious please! You can write to me on Twitter, Instagram or email.

The deadline for all submissions is July 10th. This gives you plenty of time and if you don’t submit your video on time then I will just assign your fact to someone else!

• When sending in your video be sure to include your name, Twitter (if you want) and location!

• If you have any questions regarding this video then don’t hesitate to contact me!

While it is fun to put something like this together, sexual assault is a serious matter, so please be mature and respectful when on camera.

Hello everyone. I’m starting Priyanka’s birthday project early this year because 1) I need the time to put it together and 2) there will be two parts to this project so again need the time to do it. Keep reading and find out how you can be involved in this year’s birthday project.

For this part, we’ll be making a Thank you Priyanka booklet. We all have, for one reason or another, something to thank Priyanka for. Some of us have had the opportunity to meet and talk to her and others haven’t. This is your chance to thank Priyanka for whatever it is that she’s brought to your life. She may have inspired you and the work you do, she may have helped you overcome hardships in your life, or maybe it’s just simply thanking her for all the friends you’ve made because of her. Whatever it may be now is your chance to tell her! Please don’t include any personal information such as home address, phone number etc. This is a gift for Priyanka, we’re not asking for anything in return but to simply say thank you. Do feel free to include your twitter handle! If you want to include a picture of yourself that is okay too! Wouldn’t you want Priyanka to put a face to a letter?

There are a few ways to submit your letter.
• You can type out your letter in the form below or send an email to
• You can handwrite your letter and take a clear picture of it (please make sure your handwriting is visible and readable and picture is clear!) and upload it in the form below or send me an email with your handwritten letter.
• Messages can be as long or as short as you want them to be.
• The deadline for ALL submissions is June 4. I will not accept submissions are this date. That is more than enough time to send your letters/pictures.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to send me an email!

I will reply to all emails so if you don’t get a response within 48 hours send me another email!

* indicates required field

Acceptable file types: doc,docx,pdf,txt,gif,jpg,jpeg,png.
Maximum file size: 1mb.

First, I’m still accepting videos for the first part until June 25th so get them to me as soon as possible!

For the second part of the Birthday Project, I’ve had this idea brewing in my head for a long time but held off on it cause I wasn’t sure if I would be able to give it to her. Now, that Priyanka will be in NYC before her birthday I’m going to go ahead with it. We all know Priyanka misses home when she’s away and 10 months is a long time to be gone, so I wanted to do something nice for her.

I thought of making a photo mosaic with the Indian Flag. Don’t know what a mosaic is? It’s one large image made up of many smaller images (see example below). How will this work exactly? I’ll be using icon photos of everyone who follows the site on twitter. You must be following by June 30th in order to be included. If you do not wish to be included just send me a tweet or dm and I will remove your icon. If you have Priyanka as your DP and want me to use your own picture then dm me, otherwise I’ll just use whatever default picture you have.

To see an example of what the finished product will look like click here. (just picture the Indian Flag). I’ll give it to her next month when she’s in NYC filming.

So I asked on Twitter last week if anyone would be interested in doing a birthday project for Priyanka. Many people said yes so here we are! I know it’s really early but I want to start now so I’m not rushing to get everything done. Keep reading below to get involved! I hope you will join me in making this year extra special for PC 🙂 There will be about 2 or 3 different parts to complete this project and I will post each part separately as to not overwhelm you with everything.

Part 1: The video

For this part we’re going to make a video, but it won’t be your typical Happy Birthday video. There will be two sections to this video and you can choose to participate in one or both! I will need all video submissions by June 3rd.

Sections 1: One word to describe Priyanka
This section will include fans describing Priyanka in one word (ie Passionate). All you have to do is record a video of yourself saying the word. So if my word is Passionate, all I’ll do is record a video of myself saying “Passionate.” That’s it! So simple. It takes 5 seconds 🙂 No background noise, music etc. When recording your video please speak loud and clear so we can hear you. To ensure that I don’t have a dozen of the same words please let me know what word you plan on using BEFORE you send me my video, that way I know if it’s been used or not. You can email me, dm me on twitter, instagram, to let me know your word. The sooner you let me know the better!

Section 2: Why does Priyanka inspire you?
This section will include fans sharing why Priyanka inspires you, how she has influenced you etc. But instead of speaking we will be sharing them as written messages (or in another creative way). I want you to write WHY because I don’t just want people to send me “PC inspires me because she’s amazing.” Know what I mean? Make sure to also include the footage of you writing your message AND showing it to the camera. (See video example below)

How can I display my message? Here are some suggestions, but the possibilities are endless! You can write on your hand/arm, decorate a poster, sidewalk chalk/whiteboard, use notecards etc. Get creative! Please try to make your handwriting as clear and readable as possible.

To Sum up

– Record a video of yourself saying one word that describes Priyanka.
– Let me know what word you plan on using before you send me your video.
– Record a video of yourself sharing why Priyanka inspires you as a written message (include footage of you writing + sharing it to the camera)
– Make sure your videos don’t have background noise or music.
– You can choose to participate in one or both parts.
– Once you have recorded your video, upload it to YouTube, Dropbox or send it as an attachment in an email and leave the editing to me!
– All videos must be sent to me by June 3rd. That’s plenty of time!

I can’t wait to see all your videos! Here’s how you can contact me: Twitter, Instagram, Email.

First, a few things. Priyanka is on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar India 2nd anniversary edition. I knew when I saw those pictures I just needed to use them for a new layout. So I hope you like the new look as much as I do 🙂 And second, you can view captures from Anjaana Anjaani, 7 Khoon Maaf, Ra.One and Don 2 at the links below. Enjoy 🙂


Hello and welcome to the Priyanka Chopra Network (PCN). I am so excited to have this site up and running! I have been working quietly behind the scenes for what seems like forever and now we are online 🙂

My name is Jess and I’m here to bring you all the latest on Priyanka. The Gallery still needs a lot of work, but for now you can enjoy over 7500 images 😉

You can follow the site on Twitter, Tumblr, FaceBook so you never miss an update! You can email me here if you have any questions, comments, concerns or just to chat. I’d love to ‘meet‘ you!

I’ll talk to you soon! xo