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Actor Priyanka Chopra may have made it big internationally as an FBI sleuth in television serial ‘Quantico’, but for Goa policewomen, it is her role as spunky cop Abha Mathur in ‘Jai Gangajal’ that has captured their imagination.

Speaking to reporters after attending a free screening of Prakash Jha’s latest film ‘Jai Gangajal’, where Chopra plays a feisty cop, a Superintendent of Police in the badlands of North India, policewomen in Goa were both enamoured and inspired by the sense of leadership displayed by the fictional SP Mathur.

“Women are empowered from within. Whether the system supports or not, at the end women will decide the course of our lives,” Superintendent of Police (Anti-Terror Squad) Priyanka Kashyap said, after the film screening organised in a cinema hall in the state capital.

“Women in leadership roles bring in healthy changes to the system and bring the much required change that the ‘system’ needs.”

The special screening for women police personnel was organiSed by the Panaji Riviera chapter of the Rotary club.

Police Sub Inspector Reema Naik, who also attended the ‘Jai Gangajal’ screening said that the film was an inspiration for a police-woman like her.

“We have to stick to the truth and stand ground. The worst that will happen is that you will be transferred, but that is better than going against your conscience,” she told reporters.


In her first Bollywood movie since the blockbuster Bajirao Mastani, Priyanka Chopra reigned in Indian cinemas last weekend in Jai Gangaajal, director Prakash Jha’s crime and corruption thriller set in the Hindi heartland.

A regular in the US series Quantico, Chopra, who also plays the villain in the upcoming movie Baywatch opposite Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron, portrays a kick-ass superintendent of police, Abha Mathur. Appointed as the first female officer in charge of the Bankipur district, she encounters ruthless politician Babloo Pandey (Manav Kaul), who, with the help of a rogue cop Bhola Nath Singh (Prakash Jha in his acting debut) and younger brother Dabloo Pandey (Ninad Kamat), rides roughshod over the locals.

A kindred spirit to Jha’s 2003 hit Gangaajal, the film from Prakash Jha Productions and Play Entertainment grossed 11.75 crore ($1.74 million) on Friday and Saturday on 2,684 screens, dislodging director Ram Madhvani’s Neerja, which stars Sonam Kapoor as the 23-year-old Pan Am flight attendant who sacrificed her life trying to save hijacked passengers at Karachi airport in 1986. Neerja has amassed a stellar 57.75 crore ($8.6 million) in just two weeks.

Jha’s film scored an estimated $120,000 in three days on 80 screens in the U.S. and about $A30,000 ($22,200) on 12 screens in Australia. Its only Hindi competition in India was Zubaan, first-time director Mozez Singh’s musical drama which got some rave reviews but struggled to secure screens and visibility.

There were mixed reviews and B.O. predictions for Jai Gangaajal. Among the most positive, Bollywood Hungama declared, “ Priyanka Chopra … steals the show . Be it her perfect and impeccable timing, her intimidating screen persona and presence, she delivers a superlative performance, even though it may not qualify to be her career-best. She stands tall and gets her role spot on. As far as Prakash Jha the ‘actor’ is concerned, he pushes himself a bit too hard to get the nuances and the finer points of his character. And that very clearly shows on screen. But, that does not take away the fact that he delivers a remarkably good performance…. With no competition and great brand value, the movie sail through at the box -office.”

The Hindustan Times’ Rohit Vats was more equivocal, observing, “The storyline doesn’t offer anything that you haven’t seen before. This holds true even if you have watched only Prakash Jha’s films. But it has tear-inducing moments and Priyanka Chopra ensures they keep coming at regular intervals. Once again, the dark underbelly of the Hindi heartland has been explored with explosive dialogues and superficial sensibilities.

“Prakash Jha is the hero of Jai Gangaajal if screen time is our consideration. In any case, you need to spread wings to make a 158-minute film engaging. But, it has to be said that Jha has done justice to his role. He is restrained in dialogue delivery and really effective in emotional scenes.”


Priyanka Chopra’s acting prowess is known to all. From Bollywood to now Hollywood, she has been giving strong competition to her male contemporaries. In her upcoming film, Jai Gangaajal, she will be seen playing the tough cop Abha Mathur as she takes on crime in a corruption ridden village district. The actress’ career graph has only grown by the year with her choice of roles making her one of the most popular stars we have today! Here’s why we feel she is as good as any male lead:

1.) Fashion: Priyanka’s first film where she held the mantle. One of her best performances, Fashion showcased her versatility as an actress. Her character of an aspiring model not only won her the National Award but also the Filmfare

2.) Saath Khoon Maaf: This critically acclaimed film had the actress play an Anglo Indian woman who kills her 7 husbands. Touted as the role of a lifetime by critics, the film saw her play a 25 year old girl to a 75 year old aged woman with such ease

3.) Don: The Don franchise marked her rise as an action star. Priyanka held her own in spite of starring opposite superstar Shahrukh Khan

4.) Mary Kom: The preparation and hard work put in by the actress to get into the skin of a female boxer was impeccable. From her dialect to nuances, she totally hit the mark

5.) Quantico: The actress’ latest outing as the FBI agent Alex Parrish has been universally acclaimed. The role not only led to her winning the People’s Choice Award but also led to her bagging a big role in the movie re-make of the successful TV series Baywatch


From the bejeweled Kashi to the uniform donning Abha Mathur, the talented actor can straddle diverse roles with ease. She’s always been fascinated by uniforms as her father, the late Dr Ashok Chopra, was an army officer. Uncannily, her gait and bearing also changed when she slipped into the uniform during the shooting. “Every night, Dad would polish his shoes and I’d polish mine. For me, uniform means principles, values, discipline and that’s exactly what my character Abha Mathur stands for.”

She was initially apprehensive about playing a straight-laced cop, given that Ajay Devgn has already aced it in Gangaajal and the Singham series. She didn’t want to go the masculine route but lends a feminine touch to her role.”Abha wears earrings along with her uniform. She beats up people but doesn’t do it like a man. She doesn’t use cuss words or take a macho stance yet she comes across as an authority figure,” she says explaining the unique nuances of her role. Talking about the role, she continues, “The police are treated like mere security guards. Nobody obeys them. Policemen even get beaten up if they take a stance. Abha comes in this sort of a scenario and pushes for reform.”

Prakash Jha makes his debut as an actor in the film and Priyanka had a gala time being the ‘senior’ on the sets. “I’d say, ‘Sir ab aaya na unth pahaad ke neeche (a phrase used to denote compliance). Prakashji is a cultured and educated person. I’ve begun reading Hindi literature thanks to him. He’s super funny as well,” she smiles. The talk veers to women empowerment. We may preach it from the pulpits but women still face the threat of rape and abuse. Priyanka believes education is the answer. “Ours is the only country where every 100 mile the landscape changes… the language, the culture, the festivals… change. The only thing that can bind us is education. We’re one of the youngest countries in the world. Sixty percent of our population is under the age of 35. When you educate children, you give them perspective, self-worth and also encourage them to respect other human beings.” She elaborates that it will take several generations to let go off regressive practices. “If a girl is educated, she can contribute financially. If not financially, she can nurture her family in the right way with an eye on health and hygiene. When you educate the girl, you educate the entire family.”


Priyanka Chopra, who is in Miami shooting for Baywatch, kept everyone waiting at a press conference of Jai Gangaajal in New Delhi where she was connected through video conferencing. Answering questions from her hotel room with bleary eyes after a long night shoot, she talked to the gathering with much attention. Terming herself a workaholic, she told us that she wanted to work 36 hours out of 48. “I want to dominate the world through my hard work,” said Priyanka.

The film is releasing around the Women’s Day and Priyanka is happy that conversations regarding representation of women in every sphere are increasing. “When you do not attach a male-oriented tag to a male actor’s film, why add female-oriented tag to a film with a female protagonist? This is the question everyone in the audience should answer as films are just films and beautiful stories just need good actors. They can be from any gender’s point of view. Female actors have as much talent as their male counterparts, and the biggest change that we need is breaking the stereotypes attached to films with female actors,” observed Priyanka, who earlier delivered a hit with Mary Kom.

While everyone is busy endorsing gender parity at workplace, the Indian police still has a skewed gender ratio in favour of male officers. She is essaying the character of an IPS officer in the film who is bold yet cultured. “I had seen a lot of interviews of female police officers which Prakash (Jha) had conducted to prepare the character and picked their body language. Abha, the character I am playing, does not forget her femininity and morals despite her tough outlook as a lady officer. Through this role, I came to know that it is tough to be a lady police officer as you will be as free as the government will allow you to be and as a female you have to prove yourself at every stage else people will not take you seriously. India is a very tough country to govern because of the fact that people of different ideologies, culture and religion are living together and it sometimes becomes chaotic for those who are managing law and order,” said Priyanka on her observation of the system through the film.

Gangaajal became very popular with the masses due to Ajay Devgan’s portrayal of a tough officer and Priyanka said that she chose the film as a challenge to take the franchise to the next level. “I always wanted to work with Prakash Jha but our stars were not matching but I must say he has exploited my love for Hindi to a great extent as I belong to Uttar Pradesh. When we decided to do this film, I had signed Quantico and I had to delay its shooting for one month so that I can shoot for Jai Gangaajal. He has clarity over what he wants to show and he is bold to take stand on subjects which others do not easily pick up due to controversy attached to them. His production is wisely managed as he always comes on time and actors need not work beyond eight hours,” noted Priyanka.

While the Oscars were criticised on diversity issue, South Asians made their mark at the ceremony with Pakistani filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s film A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness, Indian origin British director Asif Kapadia’s Amy , took home an Oscar while Sanjay’s Super Team, another work from Indian origin animator was nominated. Priyanka, who presented an award at Oscars, believed that art is global which cannot be stopped through boundaries and people would realise the potential of Bollywood through avenues like these where actors from India will be seen in big Hollywood ventures. “It was a once in a lifetime experience for me to present an Academy Award despite the fact that I am in the U.S. for only last six months. I am happy that people loved my work within small time. It was an honour for me to represent our country.” She became the second Indian to present it after Persis Khambatta presented it along with William Shatner in 1980. “I was not nervous as Bollywood has taught me a lot about award presentations and I knew what to do on the stage but I was a bit conscious about pronouncing the names correctly,” laughed Priyanka.


Recently, a video of a former Shiv Sena functionary assaulting a female traffic constable after she pulled him up for talking on the phone while driving at a busy junction, went viral. Motorists and passersby stood mute as he slapped and rained punches on her. An alert advocate intervened and took the accused to the police station.

‘I abhor violence’

Priyanka Chopra, who plays a cop — SP Abha Mathur — in her next, Jai Gangaajal, hasn’t seen the video but she abhors violence and says she would have definitely stepped in to help the cop had she witnessed the assault, “Why a woman, even if a man was being hit, I would try and stop it. I abhor violence. It’s not just about man or woman. I know I am often heard saying ‘I will beat the sh*% out of you’, if I am upset (laughs), I am against violence and I think it should be stopped always. Don’t we all come from the land of Mahatma Gandhi who taught us non-violence?”

Don’t try it!

The tough actress adds that if anybody tries to misbehave with her on a physical level, she won’t hold back. “I don’t think anybody should physically try to misbehave with me. I can be scary and I wear very sharp, pointed heels so I can just jab the person with them (laughs). On a serious note, I am somebody who doesn’t take sh*t from anybody. I think nobody should take crap from anyone. Young people should stand up for themselves and have the confidence to know what they are worth.”

Firm, yet feminine

The actress feels that her on-screen character Abha is a better person than her. “She’s such a good girl, possesses guts standing alone in a male-dominated world. Abha is more honest and follows the rules, while I break them (smiles). I love Abha for what she represents — the truth. Despite being a tough cop, there is an extremely feminine side to her as well. Usually female cops on screen are not graceful, but Prakash Jha and I imbued Abha with grace, adaah and tehzeeb. She’s very feminine and yet is tough as nails.”

Here, there…

Priyanka is currently shooting for the Baywatch movie in California and is missing JG’s release in India. “I’m nervous and excited at the same time… I haven’t had the experience of seeing the film. The best part of making a film is sharing it with your audience. But today, Hindi movies have a global appeal and one gets so much love and support sitting in any part of the world, it’s amazing.”


The reviews are starting to come in 🙂

Who would have known that this small town girl would rule over the millions of hearts one day. Priyanka Chopra is surely the lady of the moment. From American TV series to her appearance at the Oscars, she left everyone talking only about her.

Jai Gangaajal (U/A): Book Your Tickets Right Away!

Now, finally the D-day of her film, Jai Gangaajal has arrived. We know that Director Prakash Jha’s films usually seep in the Indian socio-politico system and Jai Gangaajal is no different. It revisits the dusty heartland of Central India and examines the relationship between society and the police.

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“Jai Gangaajal” is touted as the sequel of the Ajay Devgan starrer “Gangaajal” so expectation and the anticipations from the movie are huge; moreover it is touted as one of the most awaited movie of the year. The promotion of the movie done up to the mark and so fans are excited for the movie anyway.

Apart from the Priyanka Chopra who will be seen in the leading role of a dare-devil cop, it is Prakash Jha, Manav Kaul, Rahul Bhat, Murli Sharma will be also seen doing crucial roles in the movie. But basically the story revolves round a lady cop played by Priyanka Chopra who fights against corruptions.


Famous and beautiful heroine Priyanka Chopra’s most anticipated film has come into theaters. Huge numbers of people are enthusiastically waiting to know the information like Jai Gangaajal movie review, rating and audience response and live audience response.

Jai Gangaajal is a story of the powerful Policewomen who happens to be from today’s day and age. The total story revolves around the police-society relationship revisited and most gorgeous beauty Priyanka Chopra has played this powerful police role.

Priyanka Chopra acting is really one of the highlights of the movie; she acted as a real police officer in this film. Remaining actors who acted in this film like Prakash Jha, Manav Kaul, Ninad Kamat, Murli Sharma and Rahul Bhat have given good performance in this movie.

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REVIEW: Straight away, Jai Gangaajal celebrates Priyanka Chopra in one of her most- literally – kick-ass performances. Bankipur is bullied by MLA Bablu (Manav) and brother Dabloo (Ninad), who rape, murder and loot farmers’ lands. Police’s ‘circle babu’ BN Singh (Prakash) smoothly facilitates Bablu-Dablu while building himself a marbled palace of black money. Suddenly, Abha Mathur (Priyanka) arrives as Bankipur’s new SP – will Bablu-Dablu’s party end?

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Priyanka Chopra is back and how. The brilliant actress who has taken Hollywood by storm looks all set to make a powerful impact with her first release of 2016, Jai Gangaajal.

People at a single screen theatre that team visited in Mumbai for a review couldn’t stop raving about Priyanka and her performance as a lady cop. Right from the way she looked as the lady police officer on screen to the dialogues she mouthed and the mean punches she threw in, Priyanka delivered what many actresses couldn’t – a power packed performance.


Starring Priyanka Chopra in the lead role, “Jai Gangaajal” is slated to release on March 4, 2016. The film, directed by Prakash Jha features the fearless and feisty Priyanka Chopra teaching a lesson for life to all those who attempt to corrupt the society. Wondering if it is a must-watch or not? Here’s our take on Priyanka’s “Jai Gangaajal”.

The social evil of corruption is majorly existant in our country. Most men from the government and the police force are puppets of corruption. We all know, that our system works on corruption. “Jai Gangaajal” is wake-up call for all those corrupt officers who have got their hands dirty with fraudulence and graft.

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“The moment I thought of Abha Mathur for Jai Gangaajal , it was Priyanka all the way,” said director Prakash Jha about his film’s leading lady Priyanka Chopra.

“Her career graph from Kaminey, Barfi! to Bajirao Mastani is amazing and we the team are so proud of her and we know opportunities like these don’t come every day and her being at the Oscars is great because it brings attention to our film,” the filmmaker told NDTV.

Priyanka Chopra in turn, took time off from her Baywatch shoot and joined team Jai Gangaajal through skype on the last leg of their promotions in Delhi. Admitting she always wanted to work with Prakash Jha, the actress revealed that she wanted to play an officer and it was ‘a challenging role’ and that she was to for it, even being tongue-in-cheek when she said ‘it was men who could do with a dose of feminism.’

But it seemed it was her Oscars rendezvous and Baywatch schedule in Miami which was of utmost interest. Admitting it was indeed a proud moment for her at the Oscars, Priyanka said, “I am so happy that in just six months in the United States, they gave me this honour and included me with the top Hollywood actors.”

Priyanka, who was the second Indian after model Persis Khambatta to present at the Oscars, said she was enjoying being a beach bum since the gruelling 16-hour shoot schedule had led to their pictures being leaked. Nonetheless, she was happy she could make time for the project, admitting that they were shooting her scenes first since she didn’t have much time to spare for the film which will release in May 2017.

And for those who are waiting to see Priyanka flaunt her toned body in a swimsuit, the actress had mentioned at the Vanity Fair party that though she was playing a ‘very evil person in the film,’ people would just have to wait and watch to see her in a bikini and she ‘will be the interruption in all the slow motion running.’

Jai Gangaajal releases on March 4 but it will be a while till Priyanka descends on home turf.


‘We have trained Priyanka well for the role of IPS officer Abha Mathur. She learnt all the mannerisms of the Indian police. The Quantico people are taking the real advantage of it.’

‘It’s okay, I am happy that America knows what we can do.’

Jai GangaaJal director Prakash Jha raves about his heroine.

Even as Priyanka Chopra makes waves internationally, she’s making news back in India as well.

Her latest film Jai GangaaJal will release on March 4, and its director Prakash Jha is super excited about it.

Jha makes his acting debut with this film as well.

He tells contributor Rajul Hegde about how his film benefited Priyanka’s Quantico.

Do you think training Priyanka Chopra for the role of an IPS officer in Jai GangaaJal benefited her FBI act in Quantico?
That’s what we believe.

We have trained her well for the role of IPS officer Abha Mathur. She learnt all the mannerisms of the Indian police. The Quantico people are taking the real advantage of it. She did a crash course for one month, performed and it turned out to be excellent.

Even the police officers in the academy were surprised with the way she looked and performed. It’s okay, I am happy that America knows what we can do.

How was it working with Priyanka?
Priyanka is an amazing actress. She’s dedicated, focused and probably has 48 hours in a day!

When I signed Priyanka, she was already a big star. In these six months, she has become so big.

Her grasp of her character was very quick. We would discuss the role for hours, and all she said on the first day of the shoot was that she had so many questions. She is hungry for work, always ready to work. She is a dream actor.

Apparently, she bullied you during the shooting.
Yes, she did. She never failed to tell me that I was the junior actor on set. She always told me that you may be a big director but don’t forget that you are a junior actor here.

I used to say, ‘charan sparsh apkay’ and she would feel happy.

Since I was acting and directing, I would say ‘roll the camera’ while standing in the frame and then do my scene. At the end, I would say ‘cut’.

If I asked her whether the shot was okay, she would say, ‘It’s your job to look at me, not my job to look at you.’

What do you love about her?
She is simple, easy, supportive and humble. If there is a new actor and even if he’s doing a small role with her, she would be concerned about him.

She makes actors comfortable and makes sure they respond well.

Read the full interview here.

He has been famous for tapping into politics with his movies and in fact, his about-to-be-released film JAI GANGAAJAL starring Priyanka Chopra too has some elements of politics involved. By now you would know that we are talking about director-turned-actor Prakash Jha. Well, in our interview, the man revealed about his most memorable experience, spoke about Priyanka Chopra, politics and much more.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Was Priyanka Chopra your original choice for the movie?
Priyanka was the only choice – right from the time I thought we needed a female protagonist. Her character is that who has to take over a district, but people thought she would be manipulated.

In case Priyanka said no, then who would you have casted?
I don’t know. It didn’t happen na. That’s not the situation, then why ask? If not Priyanka, then we would’ve thought about someone else.

What do you think will attract the audiences to JAI GANGAAJAL? Is the same factors which were in GANGAAJAL?
It’s a very exciting story of a female police officer, her emotional involvement with work and the story of our new society (which changed after 2003). Moreover, it has lovely characters.

Does Rahul Bhat have a dark role in JAI GANGAAJAL?
No. Rahul’s character is very positive. He’s a social activist who is the ideology of the film. Whatever we want to say in the film, it’s through him.

An incident on the sets that you cannot forget?
I don’t remember any apart from that one day. The lady called Priyanka Chopra is so particular in her work that one day she didn’t turn up until approximately 10 o clock. We had 8 o clock shift. A very disturbed Priyanka called me up and said I’ve fallen ill, but am trying to take medicine and come in an hour. Within an hour I got a call that she tried to get up and dress, but she felt nauseous. So I said just forget about it and sleep, I’ll shoot some other scene where you aren’t required. The next day she was so apologetic and said that she never cancelled shooting. That’s actually when I realized that she has never cancelled any shooting or not been there which is why she is where she should be!

From where did you get the idea of including a national anthem in your movie and is it a part of the movie?
It isn’t. Everybody records National Anthem, so we also thought we’ll record it. Moreover, Priyanka sang that so it was great.

Any plans to tap into another genre apart from politics?
I’ll be working on it soon.

Did you ever think about getting into politics?
I did contest elections to become an MP so that I could do something, but getting into politics is never my aim. I understand and am a very keen observer of politics, but I don’t want to practice it.