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    At PCN, we respect Priyanka's private and personal life. Even though she is a public figure, we know that behind the fame there’s also a human being, just like everyone else. Priyanka has stated how much she values her private life, and we believe we should respect her by keeping that private life off the internet.
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Site Networks is the largest and most complete photo gallery on the web for Priyanka Chopra with over 300,000 pictures. is the home to nearly 2,000 videos including performances, interviews, talk shows and more!

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Current Projects

1. The Sky Is Pink
as Aditi Chaudaray
Release Date: October 11, 2019
The life story of motivational speaker Aisha Chaudhary.

2. We Can Be Heroes
Status: Filming
A young girl who is the daughter of a retired superhero discovers that she has powers and puts together a group of other young heroes to help stop an alien invasion.

3. The White Tiger
The White Tiger follows the extraordinary journey of a self-made man from tea-shop worker in a village to successful entrepreneur in a big city. Murder, love and deceit are the ultimate price for ambition.